The Giant In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Giant | The Giant Sentence

  • The giant lost again.
  • The giant was trembling.
  • Jack the giant killer.
  • It was the giant eagle-owl.
  • Before their very eyes the giant was growing.
  • The blood of the giant was booming.
  • Enceladus, the giant.
  • They glanced at the giant clock.
  • The giant in him loved her warmly.
  • The giant who wanted to have him for breakfast.
  • The giant with four arms.
  • Soon he saw the giant walking.
  • But the giant swallowed him in the same way.
  • The giant was strangely affected.
  • This time the giant did not laugh.
  • Behold the hidden and the giant fires!
  • The giant was vehement on this point.
  • The giant came and towered above him.
  • The giant was tugging at his beard.
  • The giant died that minute.
  • Pump augers were used for boring through the giant.
  • The giant was well protected against the cold.
  • She and the giant bosun divided the watches between them.
  • Finally the giant fell sound asleep.
  • The giant in vain tries to injure him.
  • The giant was down, but another had it.
  • Slowly the giant top began to whirl.
  • He nodded in the direction of the giant gateway.
  • The giant was fighting with champions outside.
  • The giant had paused in his work with the stones.
  • And earthquakes muttered as the giant passed.
  • We can see the giant when the crowd moves on.
  • The giant rested and wiped his forehead.
  • Puss darted in another direction and the giant after him.
  • The giant made ready for departure.

How To Use The Giant In A Sentence?

  • Where was the mammal when the giant reptiles reigned?
  • The giant slide was broken and climbable.
  • The night bomber is the giant of the sky.
  • I bring only a message from the giant king.
  • But the scent of the giant armadillo eluded us.

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