The Globe In A Sentence

How To Use The Globe In A Sentence?

  • He sprang before the globe that held her; barred its way.
  • Ventnor drew back past the globe; rejoined us.
  • To every corner of the Globe!
  • Above all is the figure of Atlas supporting the globe.
  • The Globe is full of the matter already.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Globe | The Globe Sentence

  • Leave for all quarters of the globe.
  • Cast your eye over the globe.
  • Describe the globe of the eye.
  • The divisions of the globe.
  • Paul lifted off the globe.
  • Another name for the globe is sphere.
  • Its branches are spread over the globe.
  • This bank had a credit all over the globe.
  • A section of the globe of the eye.
  • Perhaps into another quarter of the globe.
  • Orders came in from all parts of the globe.
  • He is not a parasite but the paragon of the globe.
  • The globe started turning.
  • Drake circled the globe in 1580.
  • The globe swam before her as if obscured by tears.
  • A devastated tract of the globe it seems.
  • Some districts indeed are the wettest on the globe.
  • Cormorants are found in nearly all quarters of the globe.
  • The tobacco-zone girdles the globe.
  • There is nothing like it elsewhere on the globe.
  • But they did not know the way and were guided by the globe.
  • The globe which we inhabit was very imperfectly known.
  • You can travel to the remote countries of the globe.
  • That ball is the globe where he studies his geography.
  • Another first sailed around the globe.
  • Raf pulled himself up with caution to look at the globe.
  • The globe rebounded without injury and he caught it.
  • Shell after shell of greenish fire burst about the globe.
  • The globe was five thousand feet high now.
  • Does the small piece of the globe look very curved?
  • His customers came from half the countries of the globe.
  • Dalgard doubted if the globe would ever fly again.
  • Then came the snap as the globe was pressed into place.
  • It was the globe of the sun, rising out of the sea.
  • The globe had been broken, but the lamp was still whole.
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