The Gospel In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Gospel | The Gospel Sentence

  • It is here the gospel meets him.
  • Is the gospel dear to you?
  • But the gospel is not in either.
  • The gospel had been read.
  • They are begotten through the gospel.
  • What is the harvest of the gospel and its labours?
  • Infuse the gospel spirit into everything.
  • Read the gospel and the other holy books.
  • The gospel among the slaves.
  • It is time to preach the gospel of relaxation.
  • Preached the gospel unto you 3:18.
  • That is, she obeyed the gospel.
  • This is the final result of the discoveries of the gospel.
  • The gospel of action is always individualistic.
  • The gospel is directly opposed to this spirit.
  • And he goes forth and preaches the gospel.
  • It is in this putrescence that the gospel of hate is bred.
  • I had never heard the gospel preached.
  • For the requisitions of the gospel are the rule of duty.
  • To do this he must impart knowledge and preach the gospel.
  • The gospel is too pure to be spoken by her polluted lips.
  • Many thousands we are preaching the gospel to every year.
  • So it is perfectly easy for men to accept the gospel.
  • The gospel it would preach is a gospel of liberation.
  • The gospel looks upon all men as equal.
  • Christ came to preach the gospel, and not abolitionism.
  • For the Gospel itself?
  • True as the gospel, l. 503.
  • So they all understood the Gospel.
  • At that moment the law ceased, and the gospel commenced.
  • To have a care for the Gospel.
  • She was as true as the Gospel.
  • The Gospel had been read.
  • I am a minister of the Gospel.
  • But it is contrary to the spirit of the Gospel.

How To Use The Gospel In A Sentence?

  • This is the gospel according to Brande.
  • The gospel is the fulness of God.
  • To the poor the Gospel has been preached by them.
  • The Gospel and the modern mind.
  • With this the gospel of John does not agree.
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