The Gun In A Sentence

How To Use The Gun In A Sentence?

  • Tom looked out of the gun to laugh.
  • But again the gun dug into him with a twist.
  • He gave the ship the gun.
  • He looked down at the gun on his knee.
  • Then he handed her the gun and pointed it for her.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Gun | The Gun Sentence

  • And what about the gun?
  • Runkle was at the gun.
  • Fire off the gun again.
  • Dalgard took up the gun.
  • The oiling of the gun was not all.
  • The gun captain did that.
  • He had the gun in his hand.
  • Then we went to the gun.
  • Then he lifted the gun.
  • The gun was unloaded.
  • Dumbly he pointed at the gun.
  • Roth asked him about the gun.
  • The gun had exploded.
  • How do you come on with the gun?
  • What had become of the gun?
  • Be careful of the gun.
  • Moxley had the gun in his hands.
  • But the gun has fired.
  • Jeffrey nodded and took the gun.
  • He set the gun down with care.
  • She found the gun on the doorstep.
  • Fred exclaimed as he looked the gun over.
  • The gun was then capped and cocked.
  • Moxley had carried it off when he stole the gun.
  • But the gun only flashed in the pan.
  • Burckhardt hefted the gun grimly.
  • The gun was well aimed.
  • I raised the gun and fired.
  • At that we all stood away from the gun.
  • Those at the gun bent to their work.
  • Have you heard the gun fire?
  • He waved the gun muzzle.
  • Then her hold on the gun relaxed.
  • Keller handed over the gun promptly.
  • The crash of the gun followed.
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