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  • Among the elements of that conception there would seem to be no room for the historic past.
  • But again as respects the historic tradition of the church our author is not less emphatic.
  • The subjection of the most useful kinds had not been finished when the historic period opened.
  • Is not the historic parallel between the two pairs of writers still further verified?
  • At what date the historic ford was superseded or assisted by a bridge we cannot tell.
  • As he left the deck of the guard-ship the historic part of his career came to an end.
  • These men and women, with the historic names, dare not show each other what they are.
  • The picturesque incidents of the historic march were many; one other may be mentioned.
  • That continuity with the historic Episcopate should be effectively preserved.
  • If the substance is really such, the walls must have been built within the historic period.
  • There are no secret springs, no occult forces, in the historic development of culture.
  • It is the historic attachment to his church of a Catholic who has discovered that he is a pagan.
  • The historic imagination of the student pictures, as his reason interprets, such conditions.
  • It is the metre of most of the traditional poetry preserved in the historic books of Scripture.
  • It would teach them the historic fact that the artificial is, if anything, older than the natural.
  • It was a delight and an inspiration to go with him, to-day, the rounds of the historic places.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Historic | The Historic Sentence

  • Contrast the popular reason with the historic.
  • The historic rights of nations are imperishable.
  • It is one of the historic events of the century.
  • It was on the historic lands that his heart was set.
  • Across his shoulders was flung the historic grey cloak.
  • The historic present put his attitude in a nutshell.
  • The quiet of death spread over the historic little town.
  • Headquarters at the historic town of Amiens.
  • He took command under the historic elm at Cambridge.
  • The Historic Episcopate.
  • Mr. Pierce had, I think, the historic sense.
  • War makes an appeal to the historic imagination of the student.
  • It may be defined as the historic method where history is lacking.
  • The historic ideas in religious progress are chiefly three.
  • Which remark should become one of the historic remarks of this war.
  • It was the starting point of one of the historic highways of the world.
  • Nevertheless, the historic interest clustering about the island is very great.
  • This is her view; but is this the historic fact in regard to marriage?
  • Sam rolled his eyes painfully to catch a glimpse of the historic bottle.
  • The historic and time-honored art of empire-building is the only art they know.
  • Garibaldi wore the historic red shirt, and a small cap ornamented with gold.
  • Nor is Christian unity to be obtained by adherence to the historic creeds.
  • The historic hall where the Echiquier met is still to be seen.
  • Thinis figured in the historic period as one of the least of Egyptian cities.
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