The Hole In A Sentence

How To Use The Hole In A Sentence?

  • A wooden handle was fixed in the hole.
  • But the hole was too great to be stopped in that manner.
  • Owl went and took up his position before the hole.
  • He widened the hole and dug furiously.
  • An ax lay beside the hole.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Hole | The Hole Sentence

  • And the window was the hole.
  • Get out of the hole as best you can.
  • Where is the hole you got through?
  • Down yonder in the hole?
  • But the hole closed up again.
  • But the hole was too small.
  • Another man through the hole.
  • There was the hole in the hedge.
  • Rowdy ran to the hole in the snow.
  • Warrender held the torch to the hole.
  • Lion lay down by the hole and waited.
  • He made the hole as directed.
  • I applied my eye to the hole.
  • He told me why he feared the hole.
  • He peered eagerly into the hole.
  • He drew the cover over the hole again.
  • He ran to the hole and looked up.
  • Presently he ran over to the hole in the wall.
  • I came to the hole in the ground above.
  • Get in the hole and dig to the bottom.
  • Then fill the hole back in.
  • Cynthia surveyed the hole unconcernedly.
  • The hole was just at the water-line.
  • That is the hole through which the light passes.
  • At the bottom of the hole was quicklime.
  • He flashed his light about the hole.
  • And now the hole was large enough.
  • It was close below the hole in the roof.
  • Pour this into the hole in the heap of flour.
  • The hole was still torn and ragged.
  • In a minute he put his head out of the hole again.
  • The tunnel branched both ways from the hole.
  • Jan went to the edge and looked down in the hole.
  • I also stuffed the hole with horsehair.
  • So they have mixed plaster and poured it into the hole.
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