The Ideas In A Sentence

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  • With the ideas expressed here cf.
  • These are the ideas of those gentry of the capital!
  • And who is superior to the ideas of his age?
  • The ideas she gets into her head!
  • The ideas and motives may be impressed all the same.
  • The ideas themselves come from many sources.
  • In this way the ideas of our race have been subverted.
  • He also is ruled by the ideas of his own age.
  • Its men are armed by the ideas that we prefer.
  • None of the ideas any of them developed proved workable.
  • And when one asked for the ideas they could not be found.
  • The ideas of the professor took quite a different turn.
  • As it happened, he had none of the ideas of an autocrat.
  • Words stand only for ideas; the ideas are essential.
  • But why should there be any copies of the Ideas?
  • Consequently the Ideas cannot change.
  • The being of things flows into them from the Ideas.
  • Whatever reality they have they owe to the Ideas.
  • All the Ideas have perfection in common.
  • This was the case with the ideas of Mayer.
  • Solvency is in the ideas and mechanism of an Englishman.
  • The Ideas are defined as being the sole reality.
  • Secondly, the Ideas are universal.
  • In this technical sense the Ideas are substances.
  • All the ideas I have got so far have been yours.
  • We laugh, alas! at the ideas and customs of the natives.
  • God takes matter and forms it into copies of the Ideas.
  • Fifthly, the Ideas are immutable and imperishable.
  • Let us see next what the characteristics of the Ideas are.
  • The ideas of Luther created universal discussion.
  • Eighthly, the Ideas are outside space and time.
  • They are, after all, copies of the Ideas.
  • They "participate" in the Ideas.
  • The ideas of Communism acquire an ever wider extension.
  • As I played, the ideas came.

How To Use The Ideas In A Sentence?

  • The only knowledge, then, is knowledge of the Ideas.
  • The Ideas are "archetypal" of things.
  • Thirdly, the Ideas are not things, but thoughts.
  • Sixthly, the Ideas are the Essences of all things.
  • Tante has the ideas and Mrs. Talcott carries them out.
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