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  • Though one possible direction for the implementation of new media technology may be exhausted, its other myriad potentials beckon us once again.
  • The implementation of an open source democracy will require us to dig deep into the very code of our legislative processes, and then rebirth it in the new context of our networked reality.
  • Finally, networking technologies allow for online collaboration in the implementation of new models, and the very real-world organisation of social activism and relief efforts.
  • At the end of the day, the British database industry--the strongest performer in Europe--added about two hundred databases in the three years immediately after the implementation of the directive.
  • Chapter I Command and its Problems 7 The Implementation of National Policy--
  • As Hugenholtz, Maurer, and Onsrud point out in a nice article in Science magazine, there was a sharp, one- time spike in the number of companies entering the European database market immediately following the implementation of the Directive in member states.2

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  • The Implementation of National Policy.
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