The Initiative In A Sentence

How To Use The Initiative In A Sentence?

  • This is the movement looking toward the establishment of the initiative and the referendum.
  • Tierney saw that he must take the initiative himself, and he did it very abruptly.
  • We do not quite see why this particular sub-committee should have taken the initiative.
  • Among many primitive peoples it is the woman who takes the initiative in courtship.
  • If you do not make it move, she will herself set it in motion as the initiative of the game.
  • Paul had hesitated to question her on the matter, leaving her to take the initiative.
  • The initiative and the general distribution of work would come from those who know the soil.
  • Under the initiative of the leader, the team swung around in its tangled harness.
  • Flight itself is simple, but the initiative equal to great deeds is another thing.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Initiative | The Initiative Sentence

  • The initiative was his.
  • The initiative was not hers.
  • And now it was he who took the initiative.
  • It was she who took the initiative.
  • Renwick took the initiative at once.
  • It was by the initiative of volunteers from each country.
  • It takes the initiative in all processes.
  • The doctrine of the initiative in war.
  • The individual must take the initiative.
  • The new farmer takes the initiative.
  • The initiative must appear to come from him.
  • In this matter the initiative rested with the directorate.
  • The intelligent foreigners have taken the initiative.
  • But the show people must take the initiative.
  • It is a delicate matter for a man to take the initiative.
  • He has stamina; he can take the initiative in emergencies.
  • The other man had the initiative now, let him use it.
  • Louis Bonaparte has suppressed the initiative.
  • They must take the initiative away from the Germans.
  • The Initiative and the Referendum.
  • When She may take the Initiative.
  • The Initiative and Referendum in Labor Organizations.
  • But if he had courage, he had not the initiative of a man of action.
  • This nation took the initiative of the whole human movement.
  • The initiative is of paramount importance in ensuring freedom of action.
  • He could not take the initiative or seem to thrust himself upon her uninvited.
  • This was most important news, and we decided to take the initiative at once.
  • Always prompt for the initiative, we stop short immediately after.
  • Bennigsen seized the initiative, and opened the battle by a cannonade.
  • A gentleman when greeting a lady never takes the initiative in hand-shaking.
  • If we cherish our fatherland and the people, we must take the initiative.
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