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  • The institutions here are branch institutions.
  • One of the institutions of the place was the vegetable garden.
  • A list of a few of the institutions and public establishments will show this.
  • With the temple fell the institutions that rested on the temple.
  • The institutions with which politics deals are dangerous cards to play.
  • They are plotting the ruin of all the institutions to which I am devoted.

How To Use The Institutions In A Sentence?

  • Such separation begets a feeling of hostility towards the institutions of the country.
  • We love and appreciate our country; we value the institutions of our country.
  • They own neither land nor property, and have no ties to the institutions of the country.
  • What greater danger to the institutions that make the poor in order to perpetuate the poor.
  • It is so at this moment with the institutions which were born of the Reformation itself.
  • The latter belonged to the institutions of his own time, and formed his own immediate circle.
  • Yet such is all that you can boast of in the present state of the Institutions of the country.
  • This approaches much more nearly to rude Nature than the institutions of any other country.
  • A strong attachment to the institutions of England still remained with the people of the colonies.
  • And the hope of peace finds its safest assurance among the institutions of learning in America.
  • The Mosaic legislation was forgotten; the institutions prescribed in the wilderness were ignored.
  • When you have pulled down all the Institutions of the Country, what do you expect but ruins?
  • It is one of the institutions of the Commonwealth, established by an act of the General Assembly.
  • The institutions of monarchical and aristocratic nations are based on precisely opposite principles.
  • It is our especial and appropriate duty to perfect and perpetuate the institutions we have received at their hands.
  • Unless we preserve the character and the institutions our fathers gave us we will go down as other nations have gone.
  • Cromwell knew how to separate the institutions expedient to his usurpation from the administration of the public justice of his country.
  • Nobody was willing to begin the steps necessary to place her in any of the institutions designed for cases like hers.
  • After some fifteen years of successful existence the society has become one of the institutions of the metropolis.
  • He desires the dividends to accumulate, and will take the chances also of the winding up of the institutions.
  • The number of students has increased, but the financial difficulties of the institutions have hardly diminished.
  • Nor are the circumstances complained of peculiar to the present age, or to the institutions which now generally prevail.
  • Had religion not been thus confused, it would have been a solitary exception among the institutions of the country.
  • Her responsibility, in reference to the institutions of benevolence and religion, is deeply realized.
  • For it is the part of a wise man to defend the institutions of his forefathers, and uphold the sacred rites and ceremonies.
  • Science is the governor of nature and its mysteries, the one agency by which man explores the institutions of material creation.
  • The institutions which have occasioned anarchy and devastation before, will, if persisted in, produce them again.
  • It is no light task for a nation to achieve the temperamental qualities without which the institutions of free government are but an empty mockery.
  • To meet this need the institutions of permanent marriage and bondage arise and the wife or wives and the slaves perform the added work.
  • They utterly repudiate all transplantation of constitutions, or forcing upon one people the institutions or privileges of another.
  • Are they on their arrival in these remote shores, to meet with no one of the institutions, which they have been taught to cherish and to reverence?
  • The audience worshipping in it is composed of professors and their families, the students of the institutions, and a few families living near.
  • Hallowed be the institutions which hold out to talent a free field, and where honest ambition knows no limit save the equal law!
  • Teaching must be attended to, just as the institutions of baptism and the Lord's supper.
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