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  • The securing of the interviews has given the author satisfaction and delight.
  • I also prepared small questionnaires to help me in the interviews.
  • High words were constantly heard, proving that the interviews were stormy.
  • The interviews between Jeanie Trim and Kinnaird were not monotonous.
  • The Formality of settling the Interviews of their petty Princes, 128.
  • "I have the files here, along with the tapes of the interviews.
  • Of course the interviews were not _
  • But the other day, man who does the interviews for _Park Lane_

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  • Requests have come from all over the country, asking that the interviews be issued in book form.
  • Baulieu was already half gained over by the interviews of the year preceding; a large sum of ready money and many promises did the rest.
  • And of all the interviews before him, that with Dr. Baumgartner was the one that he most dreaded, and would have given most to escape.
  • He then reported to him the interviews that he had had with the general officers, suppressing the names of those present, and the message they had desired him to deliver.
  • Indeed, on the statement of Mr. Munchausen, all the interviews herein set forth were between himself as the principal and the Hon.
  • What passed at the interviews which Sir Arthur Paget had with Ministers on the 18th and 19th has never been disclosed.
  • Such little incidents gave opportunity to the observant artist to study the faces of the listeners; the interviews conducted slowly and gravely, and ending in a peal of laughter from the natives.
  • To this he did not reply, but it probably led him to feel a deeper disappointment at the postponement of the interviews he had hoped to enjoy with Jefferson after thirteen years of separation.
  • In the interviews we have had with the leaders among the groups the point has been repeatedly emphasized that Americans can never appreciate the situation of immigrants during their first ten years in this country.
  • He was to find that a man can become famous and infamous in a single newspaper headline, and as for the accuracy of the interviews there was but one thing to be said: the questions were invariably theirs and the answers also.
  • I even know men who are teaching voice culture and singing in this city who claim to teach certain methods, and all they know of those methods is what they picked up in the interviews which they pretended were to see about arranging for study.
  • The architect brought suit, and at the trial swore to the dates and places of the interviews between Cohen and himself, and to all the surrounding circumstances and details connected with the execution of the plans in question.
  • Consequently the interviews--which are as dreary for the reporter as the reported--often turned into pleasant and unpublished talks.
  • He started with the facts he'd been told by Burris, and went straight through to the interviews of the two computer-secretary technicians by Boyd and Company.
  • The interviews, and declarations, and parting scenes of tender lovers, also bear the marks of having been frequently read, and are scored and marked with notes of admiration, and have initials written on the margins; most of which annotations have the day of the month and year annexed to them.
  • The interviews, and declarations, and parting scenes of tender lovers, also bear the marks of having been frequently read, and are scored, and marked with notes of admiration, and have initials written on the margins; most of which annotations have the day of the month and year annexed to them.
  • What exactly used to take place at the interviews which followed, I am not privileged to know, but apparently fresh reasons were advanced on each occasion for our not going further on our way to Lhassa, and fresh specious promises of considering our demands in a conciliatory though vague spirit were never wanting.
  • Adverting to the interviews between his honour the Lieutenant-Governor and yourself on the subject of the proposed mission to the Saskatchewan, I have it now in command to acquaint you with the objects his honour has in view in asking you to undertake the mission, and also to define the duties he desires you to perform.
  • Up to August, 1472, it is a safe inference that Philip de Commines was fully cognisant of the propositions and counter-propositions, the understandings and misunderstandings, the private letters of, as well as the interviews with, the accredited Austrian envoys that appeared at one Burgundian camp after another.
  • The interviews over, Michael, his spirit crushed by the spectacle of so many women anxious to find a refuge at an age when their children and grandchildren should, in their own homes, have been rising up to call them blessed, went to lounge a restorative hour in Sylvia's bright little studio, and laugh with her over his dilemma.
  • Possibly Howe's optimism and oratorical vagueness led him to misinterpret the promises made, but his reports immediately after the interviews were explicit, and in dispatches and speeches sent to the Colonial Office and acknowledged with high compliments, his version of the agreement had been set forth clearly and for months had gone {65} unchallenged.
  • the interviews she gave out showed that it was our case mainly that had impelled her to launch forth in imitation ...
  • If you had seen some of the interviews he has given out about your wife's father and his friends there would have been trouble at the start."
  • Napoleon's Imperial Hospitality -- The Interviews of Napoleon and Goethe -- Meeting of Napoleon and Wieland --
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