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  • It was the first day of the January thaw.
  • In the January following, the king was executed.
  • Wrap your shawl about you, for the January wind sweeps in.
  • I did not sing again in New York until the January of 1862.
  • In the January of 1872, Michael Gregoriev entered upon his seventy-fourth year.
  • Jerusalem is the Holy City--when the hills are covered with the January snows.
  • Out here in California in the January days

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  • Up to the January of the year in which Garcia joined, it had had in all 767 pupils.
  • And now tell me, does it make any difference to you if he should go on to the January No.?
  • From October, 1795, to the January following, an accident confined him to his house.
  • The January strike of 1918 in Germany and Austria showed that our efforts had not been in vain.
  • The January of the following year, 1853, brought another pupil, Bessie Palmer, the contralto.
  • The monthly F. O. bag has just brought me the January 'Edinburgh,' for which a thousand thanks.
  • In the January election there were 144 constituencies in which the successful member was returned by a majority of less than 500.
  • Readers of the January issue will find therein a good deal about bird song as it is viewed from different angles by several contributors.
  • Some of my pleasantest associations are connected with the January afternoons spent in the orchards about Majorca.
  • The January meetings had settled the number of the new Executive and decided how the Basis should be altered.
  • Howells had been urging Clemens to do something more for the Atlantic, specifically something for the January number.
  • Unfortunately, I missed the January number of your very excellent magazine, which I consider superior to any of its type.
  • She finished one blanket early in the year 1876, for a baby born in Ambleside in the January, and she left a second one unfinished when she died.
  • Rickie had discovered it in his second term, when the January snows had melted and left fiords and lagoons of clearest water between the inequalities of the floor.
  • I've done a ghost story for the January "Cosmopolitan," which I think pretty well of.
  • Taking advantage of the freshness of the breeze and the splendor of the January moon, the people filled the fair to see, be seen, and amuse themselves.
  • They eat the fruit of the planes; and if we did not disturb them, they sat in a row, close together, to warm themselves in the faint beams of the January sun.
  • Miss Cecily King wishes to state that she did not ask the question about "Holy Moses" and the other word in the January number.
  • I should like, if I live so long, to edit the January number of the 'Review;' but after that I must stop.
  • Accordingly, in the January, two months before his 100th birthday, I spent the afternoon with him, and was requested to read aloud the proofs of the article.
  • There had been a chance that the new Parliament, meeting for the first time in the January of this 1775, would show more sense, and strive to honestly set matters right.
  • An identical exhibition fills the open corridors of the Hotel Nederlanden, built round a central court, and the general resort of the guests during the hot hours of the January days.
  • It is an odd thing that during the January meeting at Mirst Park Jolly & Co. should turn up again and resume operations in Covent Garden.
  • With the January of 1871 came the capitulation of Paris, followed by the conclusion of peace in February, the revolt of the Commune, and the second siege of the capital in March.
  • It was our happy lot to meet Coningsby in London in the January of the present year, when he was granted ten days' leave.
  • He dismounted and wandered on foot for hours in the January night until smoke guided him to a charcoal burner, who conducted him to the more friendly shelter of a forester's hut.
  • Those desirous of seeing the arguments pro and con, put in their latest and best form, will find them in two articles in the 'Magazine of American History,' in the January and March numbers of 1889.
  • With the January number of BIRDS, we enter upon a new year with the satisfaction of having pleased our readers, as well as rendered an actual service to the cause of education, ornithological literature, and art.
  • In the January examinations he stood badly, getting place rather near the foot of the second class.
  • He entered on his power at the end of the year 249; and on the January 20th following, the day on which the Church still celebrates the event, St. Fabian, Bishop of Rome, obtained the crown of martyrdom.
  • The agent of whom he bought them had embroidered a generous romance of how he had got them of a lady who ordered them the January before, but whose husband having just died, her feelings would not permit her to use them, and so as a great accommodation, etc., etc.
  • Deprived of his computer by the January search-and-seizure, he simply bought himself a portable computer so the cops could no longer monitor the phone where he lived with his Mom, and he went right on with his depredations, sometimes on live radio or in front of television cameras.
  • In September, 1775, he raised a regiment of soldiers, of which he became the colonel in the January following, and joined General Sullivan's command in Canada in the spring of 1776.
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