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  • The bathroom was just inside and there he was sitting on the john with the door open.
  • The John Jenkins had a family of one daughter and five extravagant and unpractical sons.
  • But the kirk was empty and the crowd increased before the "John Seaton" touched the pier.
  • Jean was thinking of the "John Seaton" sailing away with her brother to the northern seas.
  • The John had scarce cleared the Solway before Maxwell showed signs of impudence and rebellion.
  • The almshouses, for six widows, were founded in 1681, by the John Sayer mentioned above.
  • Calderwood and her brother, the handsome mate of the "John Seaton," now almost a year at sea.
  • The other was his address at the opening of the John Hopkins University at Baltimore in 1876.
  • For until the third century no one drammed of understanding the "John" of Rev. i. 4, 9 and xxii.
  • The co-operative plans provide also for the improvement of the John Day-Prairie City sections.
  • He returned in the winter to the United States, with that commodore, in the John Adams.
  • And I was commanded to show her a schooner like the Black Moll, and a brigantine like the John.
  • I went to Memphis, and saw a boat at the landing, called the John Lirozey, a Cincinnati packet.
  • A similar machine, the "John Brough," for the same plane, was built by Mr. Baldwin in 1850.
  • Miss Jean was thinking of the "John Seaton" too, and of Willie Calderwood, with a sad heart.
  • But in both these cases, it may be noticed, that the tonnage of the ships was advantageously larger than that of the John.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The John | The John Sentence

  • I inquired how he had got the 'John'.
  • Probably the son of the John Haryson who signs above.
  • Here the "John Brown raid" began.
  • But the mate of the "John Seaton" did not sit down.
  • Beware of the John-Bull-Dog!
  • He sailed in the John Adams, in June, 1804.
  • A copy is in the John Carter Brown Library.
  • Copyright 1913, by The John C. Winston Co.
  • Copyright 1910, by The John C. Winston Co.
  • Copyright, 1917, by The John C. Winston Co.
  • There isn't anything left of the John I loved.
  • Did he sail in the `John Seaton'?
  • Copyright by the John Lane Co. and reprinted by permission of the publishers.
  • And months must still pass before the "John Seaton" could be in port again.
  • And can it be that Geordie has sailed on the `John Seaton'?
  • Thanks to the John Muir Exhibit for making this eBook available.
  • They put him in command of the brig, the John, on another West India voyage.
  • A good example of this kind of work is the John Spry School of Chicago.
  • John of Montfort, son of the John who had died, became Duke of Brittany.
  • Here, on Sundays, ministers from the John Street Church instructed converts.
  • From The John Golden stage success by Frank Gruven.
  • He may be the John Bedon who took a B.D. degree at Oxford in 1455.
  • He held himself as tho' he was once more pacing the deck of the John.
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