The Latest In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Latest | The Latest Sentence

  • Here are the latest returns.
  • Be here by midnight at the latest.
  • These are the latest returns.
  • You have not heard the latest.
  • To-morrow at the latest.
  • This is the latest intelligence.
  • Patrice had told her the latest events.
  • He gave the latest news.
  • The latest flower book.
  • It is the latest of all the sumachs to bloom.
  • I will return in an hour at the latest.
  • Papa had it built for me with all the latest improvements.
  • Khlestakov is dressed in the latest fashion.
  • Have you heard the latest news?
  • Both were dressed in the latest style.
  • The hospital was of the latest and best.
  • At the latest advices it seemed to be diminishing.
  • I have just been to see the latest musical comedy.
  • It is the latest and most superior form of spiritualism.
  • The latest novelty for them is the ribbon dance.
  • The band was playing the latest waltz.
  • I am most anxious to hear the latest news.
  • I had to go to-night at the latest.
  • This is the latest and best work published.
  • He was brimming with all the latest farming methods.
  • The latest word of these masters was most heartening.
  • The latest medical and surgical instruments.
  • Please send me the latest news from the front.
  • She is one of the latest super-dreadnaughts.
  • We find in this room the latest restorations of the palace.
  • We are not entirely dependent upon the latest novelty.
  • She was always richly dressed and in the latest style.
  • The latest gold leaps from the last mountain.
  • We had the earliest vegetables, and the latest.
  • Even her hair was the latest creation of twists and rolls.

How To Use The Latest In A Sentence?

  • The latest catastrophe bore the date 1877.
  • And the latest blow hardened instead of crushing her.
  • The latest female vice is intoxication by naphtha.
  • For prices consult the latest price list.
  • Midnight was the latest time allowed for my return home.

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