The Leader In A Sentence

How To Use The Leader In A Sentence?

  • And the leader of the pack was a very demon wolf.
  • The leader requested me to dress and accompany him.
  • The leader gave a sharp command.
  • Here the leader was killed in a conflict with the natives.
  • He was not the leader, but he went with them.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Leader | The Leader Sentence

  • Who was to be the leader?
  • I will be the leader.
  • That was what made him the leader.
  • The charge of the leader.
  • The leader of a choir.
  • Then we have the leader-writer.
  • Steven was the leader of the team.
  • He was the leader of the party.
  • The leader was consulted.
  • He looked at the leader.
  • He was the leader of the pack.
  • Finally the leader rose again.
  • But the leader shrugged his shoulders.
  • A harangue in the mouth of the leader?
  • The leader of her army was a wolf.
  • He was more of a statesman than the leader of a party.
  • But the leader of the orchestra had a further surprise.
  • The leader seemed annoyed.
  • The leader carries his credentials.
  • The leader bowed graciously.
  • Paulding is close on the heels of the leader.
  • The leader was taken by surprise.
  • At an exclamation the leader turned.
  • He appeared to be the leader of the company.
  • The leader of the enterprise sighed.
  • The leader goes to look.
  • It crowned him as the leader of the south.
  • I hope the leader holds.
  • This continues according to the will of the leader.
  • He was not the leader of those warriors who caught me.
  • Before, he had been the leader.
  • But to all these the leader only shook his head.
  • We surprised the leader of the bison.
  • The archangel is the leader of the angelic hosts.
  • He would have appealed to the leader alone.
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