The Line In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Line | The Line Sentence

  • There you are over the line!
  • Draw the line at that?
  • But the line was dead.
  • Finally they were both evenly on the line.
  • Who can draw the line?
  • But she drew the line there.
  • I drew the line at that.
  • Once more the line-up.
  • How about the line-up?
  • But the line does not stop there.
  • Tell you where to draw the line?
  • This was at the line shack.
  • Russian infantry of the line!
  • Read the line that answers this.
  • We draw the line at this.
  • Ortez over the line with the cash?
  • I draw the line at that.
  • She has broke the line again!
  • He looked up and down the line.
  • But what was happening down the line there?
  • Till we sink below the line?
  • Gradually they hauled in the line.
  • But the line was taut.
  • Hal up to the head of the line.
  • And so all along the line.
  • But there the line stopped.
  • Royally incarnadining all the line.
  • How far up the line was the accident?
  • The spring then will ground the line.
  • Guess the other one made for the line.
  • There was not a movement down the line of men.
  • They cut the line of our fire!
  • Cleopatra was the daughter of the eleventh in the line.
  • The feel of the line was strange.
  • The line was drawn in his brain.

How To Use The Line In A Sentence?

  • The line locked tighter.
  • Here he stopped and scanned the line.
  • No signatures can pass over the line.
  • The line is firing in retreat.
  • There were tears all along the line.
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