The Low In A Sentence

How To Use The Low In A Sentence?

  • In the low valleys no irrigation would be needed.
  • The low murmur of the army came to us.
  • He stooped his head and entered at the low door.
  • A dead silence followed the low words.
  • The low song of the leaves was soothing and all innocence.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Low | The Low Sentence

  • Normande is the lowest of the low!
  • It was the low cry of a cougar!
  • Favor the low pitches of your voice.
  • King looked over the low wall.
  • It must be over under the low beams.
  • Want to get down into the low country.
  • Adjacent to the low bay is the theater.
  • I hook the high and the low.
  • He passed the low words by.
  • In a moment the low tapping was repeated.
  • The low roofs are not far from the ground.
  • The low wind-gates are clear.
  • The brook had its rise in the low ground.
  • Again she avoided him by leaping the low railing.
  • She should have kept to the ground or to the low bushes.
  • The low partitions can easily be stepped over.
  • The low words ended against his lips.
  • The low-water mark is his limit.
  • He turned to me as he stood on the low step.
  • Neal stepped over the low stone wall.
  • He heard the low voice and came.
  • Bartley glanced about the low-ceilinged room.
  • The low voice was suspiciously wavery.
  • She is drawn into the low-ceilinged tunnel.
  • In the low huts of them that toil and groan!
  • They climbed upon the low veranda.
  • How about the lewd jesters and the low-minded?
  • Under these circumstances he can cut off the low limbs.
  • He spoke in the low tone of determination.
  • A man was walking up and down the low apartment.
  • The low voice was lost in a stifled sob.
  • She was intently listening to the low pitched voices.
  • He surveyed the country attentively from the low hill.
  • The low moan of the sea sighed all about the house.
  • In the low grounds there were always bananas and oranges.
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