The Main In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Main | The Main Sentence

  • That is the main thing.
  • But this is not the main difference.
  • These are only the main lines.
  • These are the main things.
  • It is very easy in the main.
  • The main points were these.
  • They were the main arteries.
  • But this is not the main point.
  • These are the main points.
  • Keep off the main roads.
  • That was the main question after all.
  • These are the main roads.
  • This is the main spring.
  • In triumph to the main.
  • Now to the main issue.
  • But she won the main point.
  • Standing off the shore in for the main.
  • But to him who ploughs the main.
  • And that is the main thing.
  • That was the main thing.
  • Now about the main question.
  • In the main his charge was just.
  • Now we are in the main street of all.
  • But this was in the main a misunderstanding.
  • That is the main thing.
  • It was in the main cabin below them.
  • It was the main body of the conference.
  • These were the main events of the day.
  • Now we come to the main point.
  • What is the main idea in this story?
  • The prisoners are in the main cavern.
  • Everything in the main cabin was in confusion.
  • The main point is that it be done.
  • The main entrance is in the centre.
  • England was the main counter-champion.

How To Use The Main In A Sentence?

  • Loose the main-top sail!
  • They were some distance from the main road.
  • I went down on the main-deck.
  • A break in the main line!
  • The main squadron followed.
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