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  • Misery produces a wide diversity of results, depending upon the makeup of the afflicted subject.
  • If a race is weak, if it is lacking in the physical and moral traits which go to the makeup of a conquering people, it cannot succeed.
  • Someone else drew a poster of a pilots head in uniform with the left side all gears, wheels and levers depicting the makeup of a pilots head.
  • First of all, it should be said that any criticism of Admiral Jellicoe as to the makeup of the British advance force is not justified.
  • In passing I invite your attention to a speculation based on our maps of the chromosomes--a speculation which I must insist does not pretend to be more than a guess but has at least the interest of being the first guess that we have ever been in position to make as to how many factors go towards the makeup of the germ plasm.
  • But you know I have as much interest in the makeup of our crew as Old Put, although he is the man who really has charge of us."

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  • There is nothing ephemeral or evanescent in the makeup of their records.
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