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  • They do not improve on the material.
  • The material was most exotic.
  • Luckily the material has been plentiful.
  • The material was not lacking.
  • That is only the material for thought.
  • The material is all on its way.
  • It was not in the material sent.
  • Have you the material to draw from?
  • The material to be pure brass.
  • Gradually the material grew upon him.
  • In this case the material is bone.
  • Bricks are the material used in its construction.
  • This is the material from which lecturers are made.
  • It is only the material for training that worries me.
  • The material standpoint is false.
  • The material has become spiritual.
  • This is the material of dream symbolism.
  • I am at a standstill for want of the material.
  • The material is the same dark tufa.
  • He turned from the material to the spiritual.
  • The material of such artists is a joy in itself.
  • Here is all the material for a great tragedy.
  • Here is the material for the company promoter.
  • The material is foreign to this locality.
  • Every particle of the material had been removed.
  • The material is a grayish slate.
  • I am sure he has all the material he wants.
  • The material is new and varied.
  • The material is the best steel.
  • The material should be well-seasoned.
  • Where do you want the material sent?
  • The material to be used was sand.
  • The ancients idealized the material.
  • It inclosed the material objects of worship.
  • What is the material profit of a first love?

How To Use The Material In A Sentence?

  • He had been feathering his nest in the material sense.
  • This is the material elsewhere referred to as quicksand.
  • The material is occasionally sprinkled with water.
  • The material in this study is of a qualitative sort.
  • The material of which we form our furniture is wood.
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