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  • During the decade following 1890 the membership increased not less than 75 per cent.
  • The property of the community is now quite valuable, but in 1902 the membership was only eight.
  • Its secretaries and other workers are drawn, all of them, from the membership of our churches.
  • I think there is one matter it would be well to bring up, and that is the membership committee.
  • The membership numbers twenty-three thousand two hundred and seventy-four persons.
  • Carl, it's a very small percentage of the membership that's really working, is that correct?
  • The membership included teachers, school officers, farmers generally, and even pupils.
  • The membership fee is three dollars, payable on the 1st of January in each year.
  • In March, 1907, the membership was 1267, an increase of nearly 500 in two years.
  • The membership of the Roman Catholic Church in England is estimated at about 2,200,000.
  • The membership of the London exchange is not limited to a fixed number, as in Paris and New York.
  • Thousands of letters were sent out through the vice-president's and from the president's office to the membership.
  • They do not find it convenient to attend the convention; they do not see any great amount of benefit in the membership.
  • BIXBY: I would really like to see something definite on this line of increasing the membership.
  • I think we ought to get busy right here and see if we can not enlist the membership of a great number of the patrons of this institution.
  • There were fifty-three baptisms last year, and twenty-one others were added to the membership of the church.
  • But I am sure that each and every one of you can assist in adding greatly to the membership of this organization.
  • The membership consists of men and women, and of young people over fourteen years of age, who may apply and by vote be accepted.
  • With the addition of the chapel ministers the membership of Auchterarder Presbytery had risen to eighteen.
  • Another important factor was the very generous response of the membership to a plea for Sustaining and Contributing dues.
  • In 1902, when twenty years more had passed, the membership had almost doubled again, having grown to twelve thousand five hundred and thirty-seven.
  • Pardon me for speaking again, but I am on the membership committee and I am anxious to draw out anything that may be of use.
  • I am going to try to sum this up for you, in order that you will know the progress we made in the membership drive to which so many of you contributed.
  • The membership is composed of the several naval ministers and naval chiefs of staff and of officers specifically appointed to represent them in their absence.
  • The membership comes almost exclusively from that large class of farmers who are moral, high-minded, God-fearing men and women.
  • The membership of the Society reached its maximum in 1913, 2804 in the parent Society and about 500 others in local societies.
  • Although the membership of the group of producers of cheap hats is fluctuating, its total output of hats each year is a factor in the competitive situation.
  • With a membership so broadly scattered as will be the membership of this club, community control of its affairs would be impracticable, if not impossible.
  • There shall be a state vice-president from each state, dependency, or county represented in the membership of the association, who shall be appointed by the president.

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  • The membership was steadily increasing.
  • And the membership was to be divided equally with girls.
  • But the membership of the two companies was much the same.
  • In 1896 the membership was 115 and the income L48.
  • Increasing the membership seems to have the most promise in the future.
  • The membership was limited and they had over-stepped that limit.
  • In the first place the membership grew at an unprecedented rate.
  • It is our initiation into the membership of the visible Church.
  • That was the principal object of the membership committee I suppose.
  • The membership was 541 in 1892, 640 in 1893, and 681 in 1894.
  • Such a disciple would not adorn the membership of a modern Peace Society.
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