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  • Shortly afterward we were dumped down at the wretched sheds of the Michigan Central Railroad.
  • The story of a girl of the Michigan woods; a buoyant, loveable type of the self-reliant American.
  • The story of a girl of the Michigan woods; a buoyant, lovable type of the self-reliant American.
  • The story of a girl of the Michigan woods; a buoyant, lovable type of the self-reliant American.
  • He supported measures favorable to the promotion of slavery notwithstanding the Michigan legislature had instructed him to vote otherwise.
  • A wholesome story with gleams of humor, telling of a young man who blazed his way to fortune through the heart of the Michigan pines.
  • A wholesome story with gleams of humor, telling of a young man who blazed his way to fortune through the heart of the Michigan pines.
  • He is now eighty-four years of age, and quite recently was released from the Michigan City penitentiary.
  • An old pioneer has related to the writer the story of the gallows, which was erected on the Michigan beach by the Mormons and which he cut down.
  • During the construction of the "Michigan" Barracks, the transportation was so inadequate that we were compelled to run both night and day.
  • The most noticeable feature of the Michigan system is the relation between township and county, which was taken from New York.
  • Dr. Gates is a graduate of the Chicago Medical College, and Dr. Smith of the Michigan University.
  • We broke into a store there and we were arrested, but New York heard of the capture and the Michigan authorities gave us up.
  • This would not only give back Detroit to the Americans, but would also be the means of recovering the whole of the Michigan territory.
  • Still, I've seen this kind of thing happen in the Michigan lumber-camps, and I guess he's most as well without it.
  • But the Michigan men were apparently prevented from doing so by the fire from some rifle-pits up the ravine, which the guns of the war-ships could not, or did not, wholly silence.
  • Less than sixteen years ago I stopped at the end of the Michigan Central Railway, northern division; every lot was filled with stumps.
  • For several sessions of the Michigan Legislature prior to 1919, bills had been introduced intending to accomplish this result, but each time heretofore they have regularly failed to pass.
  • Rightly named is that sea, the Michigan or Wisconsin soldier will tell you, for it is white more than half the year with ice and snow, the sporting ground for polar bears.
  • On arriving in that city he went to the Michigan Exchange Hotel, and, through the courtesy of the proprietors, was allowed to look up the records of the house.
  • They enjoyed the motion picture show immensely, particularly because one of the scenes in the News Weekly showed forest fire fighters combatting the flames in the Michigan woods.
  • Here we took the cars on the Michigan Central Railroad, and on our way westward stopped at the very place where we had worked, helping to build the road, a year or more before.
  • I am very glad of this opportunity to tell you what the Michigan Agricultural College is doing, and what it thinks, about nut tree plantations in this State.
  • The Michigan legislature passed a law in 1861 providing for "lectures to others than students of the Agricultural College," and has made biennial appropriations for institutes since 1877.
  • The movement is already on; the Michigan law began to operate soon after being passed, and the Division of Forestry at the Agricultural College is raising the trees for planting.
  • For meanwhile the New York Central had reached Buffalo, and the Michigan Central was being pushed westward from Detroit toward Chicago.
  • At about the same time, Prof L. H. Bailey set out half dozen pecans and Japanese walnut trees on the campus of the Michigan Agricultural College.
  • After this, myself and a young man named Orrin Henry, with whom I had become acquainted, worked awhile scoring timber to be used in building the Michigan Central Railroad which had just then begun to be built.
  • The Michigan State Board of Health recently took Health Officer Davis, of Close Village, to task for failing to send in his weekly reports.
  • He has served in the British army, has hunted whales off the coast of Greenland, married a wife in Grand Rapids, and run a street-car in Chicago; and now he is snaking logs out of the Michigan woods.
  • It was a joint meeting of the Michigan Political Science Association and the Agricultural College and farmers' institutes.
  • It was controlled by the Vanderbilt interests and operated in close co-operation with their other roads, the Michigan Southern, Michigan Central, and New York Central.
  • At that time my regiment, and the Michigan Second Infantry, were part of Gen. Phil Kearny's Division.
  • Some men got an old ship--the Michigan--which had been used on lake Erie, and had been pronounced unseaworthy.

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  • Papers of the Michigan Acad.
  • The Michigan oil is soluble in 3-5 volumes of 70 per cent.
  • I believe the Michigan group prefers to be called a chapter.
  • They were starting for the Michigan shore some eight or ten miles away.
  • I found Tom Danforth, the Michigan stove man, an old traveling pal of mine.
  • Go to the Michigan Exchange
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