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  • The millions were gone.
  • Values tumbled by the millions of marks.
  • The millions of headaches he has saved!
  • Think of the millions of poor people.
  • My first care is to look after the van with the millions.
  • I lost not one among the millions of footfalls.
  • I see he wuz jest bound to ignore the millions.
  • The millions of Britain knew him.
  • How about the millions that have never been observed at all?
  • It means that the sheep are starved and die by the millions.
  • Look at the millions of your own wimmen enslaved in legal fetters!
  • The fruitless slaughter of the millions is not to be forever nor for long.
  • It is the millions of the lower class that should be our deepest concern.
  • The foreign jurors have to see for the millions they represent.
  • It is bringing forward the masses, elevating the millions who work.
  • As to the Caternas, the millions rolling behind did not seem to trouble them.
  • Not even the millions dead will mean a new earth or a new Britain.
  • Who shall the gods be then, the millions Meek, entreat or praise?

How To Use The Millions In A Sentence?

  • Civilization is the ocean of which the millions of individuals are the rivers and torrents.
  • Think of the millions who have been driven to insanity by this most terrible of dogmas.
  • Think of the millions that dropped into hell while these questions were being discussed.
  • The federal government was taking in revenue by the millions from the homesteaders.
  • Tidal waves and terrific earthquakes have destroyed human lives by the millions.
  • You may possess a million, but if you get more the millions will possess you.
  • Among all the millions of earth he could not call one by the endearing name of friend!
  • She had not definitely refused either of the coronets offered her, nor the millions.
  • You are pushing home injustice and tyranny to the millions, for the benefit of the thousands.
  • Man has bought brains, but all the millions in the world have failed to buy love.
  • We will give the millions to the last, last penny to those upon whom you have brought misery.
  • Never two living things alike, in all the millions and millions swarming the globe.
  • This was the prayer, no doubt, which the millions of our martyred ancestors poured out.
  • Cigars by the millions in this country are packed in boxes manufactured in Cincinnati.
  • What has become of our ancestors, the millions of human beings who preceded us upon this globe?
  • The road could not be left hanging half finished, after all the millions already spent.
  • The millions for Versailles were obtained in ways too devious and lengthy to follow up here.
  • On the other hand, that idea was a harbinger of joy, of cheer, of hope to the millions.
  • It was to stereotype belief, as it is stereotyped among the millions in the East.
  • The millions are all in the other class, which I again most roughly distinguish as the lower.
  • After years of earnest effort, he lost his hair and the millions of the Infatuated Conquistadores.
  • The millions I secure I will take from men who took them from others, and who would take mine.
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