The Mission In A Sentence

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  • Probably the mission will be abandoned.
  • The mission is performed.
  • He is himself the mission and the work.
  • Then you accept the mission?
  • For the mission was a failure.
  • What is the mission with which he is entrusted?
  • Gladly the mission was accepted.
  • Was it to consult with him about the mission-house?
  • He stayed at the mission stations.
  • It had been erected long before the mission.
  • And at once she was directed to the mission hall.
  • It is failing at this point in the mission.
  • The mission of beneficent illusion is over.
  • Valour was shown in undertaking the mission.
  • The mission was difficult and very delicate.
  • Scholars forsook the mission schools.
  • The mission has had a severe struggle.
  • Who was important enough for the mission?
  • Could she know the mission on which he had come?
  • There was no man so well qualified for the mission.
  • The mission of the austere is the development of strength.
  • The mission chapel is nearly completed.
  • Benita was also a part of the mission field.
  • Yes, they were married at the mission.
  • And now began the most dangerous part of the mission.
  • The bank at the mission village is steep and grassy.
  • They reached the mission premises without molestation.
  • Her eyes were fixed upon the mission alcove.
  • The seed he had sown in the mission-room had not been lost.
  • Joseph at the mission to Israel.
  • When justice is done, the mission of charity is finished!
  • And are you proud of the mission farm?...
  • The mission of a Buddha is that of a saviour.
  • The mission was, however, a mere trick.
  • In regard to the mission to Mme.

How To Use The Mission In A Sentence?

  • They have been carefully reared by the Mission.
  • Truly that was the mission of ancient Greece.
  • I am educated at the mission college at Entebbe.
  • The mission of the Logos is more sharply discriminated.
  • The Mission bells grew silent.
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