The Mississippi In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Mississippi | The Mississippi Sentence

  • Ho for the Mississippi!
  • Take for example the Mississippi.
  • Rare east of the Mississippi.
  • Black bass from the Mississippi.
  • The story of the Mississippi.
  • The Mississippi below was practically closed.
  • Why, up the Mississippi.
  • Schoolcraft discovered the source of the Mississippi.
  • They are racing for the crossings of the Mississippi.
  • The Mississippi kite in spring.
  • Explain the trouble over the traffic on the Mississippi.
  • One lived on the Mississippi river.
  • One of them discovered the mouth of the Mississippi.
  • Could it open the Mississippi to its mouth?
  • The current of the Mississippi is swift and treacherous.
  • These forts guarded the entrance to the Mississippi.
  • The Mississippi was opened up to free navigation.
  • The Mississippi record was even worse.
  • Nor was the process limited to the east of the Mississippi.
  • With others it begins on the banks of the Mississippi.
  • How could the Mississippi be much bigger?
  • Crocodiles on the Mississippi, 235.
  • They descended now into lower grounds near the Mississippi.
  • The Mississippi formed no natural barrier whatever.
  • Down East and the Mississippi.
  • The Mississippi River?
  • Florida and the Gulf of the Mississippi.
  • Winters on the Headwaters of the Mississippi.
  • He Ascends the Mississippi.
  • A trip up the Mississippi River.
  • And they say, moreover, that little the Mississippi.
  • La Salle descends the Mississippi.
  • The Mississippi River is a great antimonopolist.
  • De Soto died and was buried in the Mississippi.
  • Dale, the Mississippi Partisan.

How To Use The Mississippi In A Sentence?

  • It looks as big as the Mississippi River to him.
  • The Mississippi route was the first to be {32} developed.
  • Dobleton from Concordia, my neighbours on the Mississippi.
  • The Tennessee offers many advantages over the Mississippi.
  • It is not the Mississippi, but the Tennessee river.
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