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  • Environment is the mold that forms the man.
  • The mold is then opened and the bottle lifted out.
  • Dip the mold in boiling water to turn it out.
  • Earth worms follow either the roots or the mold.
  • His features were cast in the mold of the well-bred.
  • To turn out dip the mold for a moment in hot water.
  • Made in the mold of the Saviour, they say!
  • The mold is first opened, as shown in Fig.
  • By blowing into the tube the glass is blown into the shape of the mold.
  • Working gently, the plasterer released the casting from the mold.
  • The mold is set aside to cool and is then broken away from the metal core.
  • How deep the mold shall be put upon the bed is also an unsettled question.
  • Modern weapons coming into China pressed on her the mold of a modern state.
  • Steam fully three hours, turn from the mold, strew chopped almonds over top.

How To Use The Mold In A Sentence?

  • The mold grows on the paper in which the butter is wrapped rather than on the butter.
  • Under him the ground grew more moist and the mold was close to mud in consistency.
  • In molding ices, it is advisable not to have the cream too stifly frozen before putting it into the mold.
  • The curing room itself may be freed from the mold spores by the use of such standard disinfectants as formalin or sulphur.
  • The mold spores are widely disseminated, and are always to be found on the butter tubs and on the paper.
  • It should be put in level with the face of the bed, so that the mold may just touch it when the bed is cased.
  • Butter may mold where the tubs have been thoroughly treated, because of the mold spores on the paper used for the lining.
  • Place the mould deep in a pan containing sufficient boiling water to cover the mold two-thirds of its depth.
  • This allows the air to penetrate the cheese and the mold to grow, the fruiting of which develops the characteristic flavor.
  • As a matter of course, both the mold and the model are destroyed in each case, and exact duplications are not to be expected.
  • These were not logs in any formidable sense, being for the most part half-rotted fragments of tree trunks that had long been decaying in the mold.
  • Allow five large eggs to 1 quart of milk usually to make custard solid enough to keep its shape when turned from the mold.
  • The thin layer of paraffin excludes the moisture from the wood, and also prevents the mold from obtaining a supply of oxygen for its growth.
  • The mold of the man was masculine, and the subdued sorrow that flavors his whole career never degenerates into sickly sentimentality or repining.
  • Cover with ice till wanted, dip in cold water and turn out, fruit may be put in when put in the mold.
  • But if their faces showed the handiwork of the devil, from their chins down they were men cast in the mold of the image of God.
  • She beat all together, poured into a mold, packed the mold in ice and salt, and allowed it to stand 3 hours.
  • These coatings, when sufficiently thickened and properly dried, form the mold, from which the original model is extracted by means of heat.
  • In Stilton cheese the mold is not intentionally added, the maker relying on the contamination that comes from the factory for the usual seeding.
  • And, save for the mold-stained parchment leaves, I had thought it the vision that night-mare weaves.
  • Press the dough on a floured form or mold, lift the mold, cut out the cakes thus designed and let lie until next day on a floured bread board.
  • Combine the mixture, beat vigorously, turn into a buttered mold, steam over three hours, remove from the mold and serve with sauce.
  • When it has got quite cold, pour in the remainder of the jelly, and stand the mold in cold water, or in a cool place, so that it sets speedily.
  • Sixth, personally, I am no ten-thousand-dollar beauty: the glass of fashion and the mold of form are far from mine.
  • When the bed is in the proper state for being covered with earth the mold is laid on equally and firmly over the surface about three-fourths of an inch deep.
  • The cheese is ready for use when the action of the mold has penetrated to the center of the cheese, and before any pronounced putrefaction has taken place.
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