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  • All are full of the momentum which they have caught from their mode of conveyance.
  • The boat ahead had turned off its power and was propelled only by the momentum it had gained.
  • The tug stopped, and the momentum of the barge sent it close to the little steamer.
  • We shot out of the density into lighter water, and the momentum carried us fifty fathoms beyond!
  • How much agitation and exertion did it take to acquire the momentum which would result in enforcing their demands?
  • The curves which absorb the momentum of the water are figured mathematically and in practice become polished like mirrors.
  • She descended more swiftly with the momentum thus gained, traveling toward the bottom on a different slant than before.
  • Thus the energy developed by good fighting men is as the momentum of a round stone rolled down a mountain thousands of feet in height.
  • But the sound increased with the momentum, and soon the whole island was shaking and quivering with the shock of the grinding bergs.
  • The catboat sprang to even keel, but shot on under the momentum it had gained in swooping down upon the swamped girls.
  • In rising, the airplane ran along the ground on these wheels until it had acquired the momentum necessary to lift it into the air.
  • The momentum of a moving body is the product of its mass and its velocity (these being expressed in numbers of certain units).
  • He raced to the tracks and threw himself from the machine, almost falling headlong from the momentum, although he had turned off the power.
  • So tremendous was the momentum of the striking mass that the huge vessel passed, like a projectile, through walls and floors and partitions.
  • With a deep sigh of vexation, I opened the door, and she sprang in with the momentum of a ball hurled by a bat.
  • And then from out the portion of her brain where were stored her purposes, and the momentum of her pride and determination, there flashed the realization that she had won!
  • It is the momentum made up from a thousand deviations from the truth and right, for there is a great difference between going just right and a little wrong.
  • It is an axiom that while it requires creative genius to start an enterprise, once the momentum is gained any mediocre intelligence may keep it going.
  • With the prestige of five victories in twenty days, and with the momentum acquired in the process, he then tried to carry the lines by assault on the spot.
  • In a second he had disappeared in a buzz and a cloud of dust, and the momentum of it carried him clear out into the country for miles and miles before he ever dared to pause or look back.
  • The communities that accept the elements of success, becoming examples through their prosperity, will be imitated; and thus the momentum of progress will be increased.
  • As we did so we sank to our waists and were pulled along for a moment but our feet, braced against the large rocks on the bottom, served the purpose and the momentum was overcome.
  • She knew how to move among the remarkable furnishings with which she had surrounded herself in that old-new house, and how to make the momentum gained there serve her ends in the world outside.
  • He went into the mass feet first, landing with all his weight and the momentum of his run on a crouched man whose upraised arm was only waiting for a sure opening.
  • The momentum of their own charge was gone; they had now fought their way through nearly a mile of thickets and swamps and had, necessarily, lost their alignment and cohesion.
  • The force to keep up the momentum of a body moving in a horizontal plane in the air (in which there is so little friction) cannot be great, and this force is all that is wanted.
  • At one point west of Bourlon the momentum of his first advance carried the enemy through our front line and a short way down the southern slopes of the ridge.
  • He raised the bat above his head, without the least intention in the world of using it, but the momentum swung it from his hand and it struck Mortimer on the forehead.
  • Given a clean area, it is obvious that the momentum acquired by running water (and hence the amount of soil removed) on any one slope will depend upon the distance travelled.
  • The impulse wheel of to-day, however, has buckets which so completely absorb the momentum of water issuing from a nozzle, that the water falls into the tailrace with practically no velocity.
  • Yet England, in spite of the immense drain of blood and money she sustained, under the momentum of the new motor-power far outstripped the rivalry of such states.
  • The united will of the nation was expressed in the momentum of the onslaught--in vain.
  • That is to say, all the momentum of the pistons, cranks, rods, and valves (weighing tons), has to be arrested thirteen or fourteen times every second.
  • In half an hour the machine had rushed down to five hundred feet above the sea: Tinker switched the planes to the same angle upwards: and the momentum drove her up the incline of the air with little diminished speed.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Momentum | The Momentum Sentence

  • The bull raced on impelled by the momentum of his start.
  • But the momentum of his feelings carried Martin on.
  • It is the momentum of constantly repeated acts that tells the story.
  • He stood erect for an instant, but the momentum had been too great.
  • This road is a down-grade, and every instant increases the momentum.
  • He missed, and the momentum of his blow carried him over MacDonald.
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