The Monster In A Sentence

How To Use The Monster In A Sentence?

  • Then his cruel fortune delivers him to the monster Legree.
  • The 'monster' Henry had two.
  • The monster Grendel of Hartlepool.
  • The monster Grendel, of Hartlepool.
  • The monster wolf.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Monster | The Monster Sentence

  • The monster is not to be deceived.
  • The monster and the infant.
  • The monster vanishes.
  • Presently the monster stopped again.
  • Is this the tent of the monster?
  • The monster had hold of her.
  • The monster has buried her.
  • The monster understood.
  • The lair of the monster is discovered.
  • It must be the monster who was incapable.
  • The monster must be removed.
  • The monster felt himself lost.
  • The monster was laughing at the king.
  • What was the monster-cat sent off to do?
  • The monster without aim or rest?
  • The heart of the monster was that of a little child.
  • I had walled the monster up within the tomb.
  • Again the monster shook beneath us.
  • For still another did the monster crave.
  • I hate him now, the monster.
  • The monster appeared to lie in wait for the man.
  • The monster ground to a halt amid the wreckage.
  • The vergers alone inspected the monster unmoved.
  • He forthwith went into the forest where the monster lived.
  • The people crowded round the dead body of the monster.
  • The monster struck back like the cracking of a whip.
  • Luckily he was not under the "stinging end" of the monster.
  • The fellow sat down and stared, smiling at the monster.
  • She shall go to the Monster!
  • But Gilgames was more than a match for the monster.
  • Merlin the Monster was destroying the planet.
  • The monster, in terror, had fled the premises forever!
  • The Presbyterian god is the monster of monsters.
  • So I kept jumping and stamping on the monster.
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