The Mound In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Mound | The Mound Sentence

  • Found with the skeletons in the mound.
  • Sigrun prepares a bed in the mound.
  • In a dozen seconds they were at the mound.
  • The mound-builders were silent.
  • Evidently; but who are the mound-builders?
  • All this shows in wounding and in loving all the mound.
  • This is the only entire vessel recovered from the mound.
  • The mound loomed immediately at hand.
  • Did he say they were built by the mound-builders?
  • We cannot doubt that the pyramid sprang from the mound.
  • The gold in the mound was exactly as he had left it.
  • Steatite pipe found on the surface of the mound.
  • Yet as he came to the mound he passed around it.
  • Earth had been used to cover the cist and form the mound.
  • It was one of the bars of gold he had seen in the mound.
  • A towsled head appeared over the top of the mound.
  • He jumped off the mound, and ran to where they were.
  • Lowering the lantern farther into the mound, he peered in.
  • Fragments of deer-horn found near the surface of the mound.
  • Old lady and the beasts on the mound, 173.
  • The tramp lay curled like a snake behind the mound.
  • The mound was found to be 530 feet long and 250 feet wide.
  • Then Starling looked down at the mound.
  • Then I piled stones on the mound.
  • The Mound by the Lake.
  • Sigrun entered the mound to Helgi and said: 41.
  • And on the ground, below the mound, Lay one in agony.
  • The mound is on the east end of Fains Island.
  • The Mound-Builders worked this copper without smelting it.
  • St. Louis, the Mound City.
  • Probably he had spent the day working on the mound for his sister.
  • To-morrow we will examine the mound and see what it is we have discovered.
  • He wrapped his cloak about her and carried her back to the mound.
  • The geological formation of the mound is curious in the extreme.
  • I would tell him all about my finding the gold in the mound.

How To Use The Mound In A Sentence?

  • He hurried on toward the mound in the distant recess of the cave.
  • I grabbed my camera and fell with it on the opposite side of the mound.
  • The six were arrayed upon the mound with a clear reach of sand before.
  • He clambered down to the foot of the mound, and sat down on the floor.
  • When he came to the mound, green stalks were growing out of it.
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