The Move In A Sentence

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  • Tecumseh was constantly on the move.
  • You made the move you had to.
  • The train was on the move.
  • Americans were eternally on the move.
  • Certainly the move was not premeditated.
  • I want to be on the move.
  • They are constantly on the move.
  • All things are on the move!
  • They did not understand the significance of the move.
  • At first he did not realize that he was on the move.
  • He likes to be always on the move.
  • The move had been well timed.
  • Now the metal monster was on the move again.
  • That the scout was to be continually on the move.
  • The entire steel industry was on the move.
  • The move into the open air was not accidental.
  • On the move the sheep seemed more contented.
  • That seemed the logical reason for the move.
  • Already his keen eyes had noted the move.
  • I could not comprehend what the move meant.
  • In this manner the glass is constantly on the move.
  • Never mind the motives if the move is the right one.
  • The move once considered was quickly determined upon.
  • The young man with whom he was playing saw the move.
  • Would her chaperone never make the move to leave?
  • Bennie saw the move and left the door ajar again.
  • They are pure game, and are shot on the move.
  • The Turks are on the move.
  • Been here thirty-five year; and always on the move!
  • Say, tell the boys to get on the move quick.
  • In the move toward the card-table, he caught his eye.
  • Other divisions were, however, kept on the move.
  • I always waz fust rate at missing wild duks on the move.
  • It was always Miki who kept him on the move.
  • So sudden was the move that Alan gasped.

How To Use The Move In A Sentence?

  • The Negro sergeant saw the move.
  • It's always travelin' about, always on the move.
  • The move back to Aboukir was therefore very trying.
  • I heard them on the move every time I stopped.
  • On the contrary, I have been incessantly on the move.
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