The Name In A Sentence

How To Use The Name In A Sentence?

  • She had caught the name.
  • You have heard the name?
  • He breathed the name.
  • Lucy does not like the name.
  • What is the name of our school?

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Name | The Name Sentence

  • In the name of what?
  • What was the name of it?
  • And what is the name?
  • Campbell is the name.
  • Let that be the name.
  • Nothing but the name.
  • Now what is the name of it?
  • The name was his own.
  • The name of a muscle.
  • Do you like the name?
  • Sheila shuddered at the name.
  • Wingate started at the name.
  • Kenny liked the name.
  • But the name is familiar.
  • I seen the name once.
  • I remember the name now.
  • He was a son in all but the name.
  • That is the name of this group.
  • But in the name of what do you order me to do this?
  • Is it in the name of interest?
  • Eve quivered at the name.
  • In doing this write the name above yours.
  • I was fascinated by the name myself.
  • That was the name of the street.
  • The name does not agree.
  • And what is the name of the art?
  • He mentioned the name.
  • The name was familiar.
  • She fired at the name.
  • What is the name of this bridge?
  • Give the name of the compound.
  • In the name of friendship!
  • Hitherto the name had only been that of a weight.
  • Tygris tooke the name.
  • Can you tell the name?
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