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  • But the nickname abides.
  • The nickname is the idiom of nomenclature.
  • The nickname of the machine gunners had frightened him.
  • It is not explained how he came to receive the nickname.
  • He was a baker; hence the nickname.
  • A fellow gave me the nickname one day.
  • He treated me cruelly in my youth, and fixed the nickname of goatherd on me.
  • To change the nickname of MADGE to Margarine.
  • How Pump came to be Pump is a mystery; no one knows the origin of the nickname.

How To Use The Nickname In A Sentence?

  • And that is why his disrespectful pupil occasionally gives him the nickname of Cornaro!
  • He received the nickname Ramelaer from his fondness for painting rabbits especially.
  • We used to call him "Pongo," but without any better excuse for the nickname than his skin.
  • He was a man about twenty-eight years old, and looked even older, hence the nickname of Dad.
  • Because of this empty title, the nickname, "Duke," was ever afterward given him.
  • The name or rather the nickname by which I am known among mountain men is Death Rifle.
  • It is certain that his daughter was not christened as she was called, equally certain that the nickname fitted her.
  • But the nickname was often on the lips of the young boy- and girl-cousins and of their friends at home and at school.
  • As there are many who are in the habit of smearing their faces with soap, the nickname would seem to have a very wide and universal application.
  • Which Roman emperor is it that hears the nickname his father's soldiers gave him as a child?
  • His flittings were so noiseless and erratic, just like the little paper windmills made for children, that the nickname applied exactly fitted him.
  • The continued pacing to and fro of the pressman from ink-table to press, from press to ink-table, no doubt suggested the nickname.
  • It was doubtless to this talent that he owed the nickname of the "Singer," by which he was known among his comrades.
  • The courtiers call him the fool, but we call him our little Matthias; he certainly does not deserve the nickname he has received.
  • On festival nights he helps the girls to wind off the yarn that they have spun, on hasps, and therefore he has got the nickname of Haespele.
  • I have great pleasure in your case, for I observe the nickname (rustic as it is) has always the power to make you writhe.
  • Whatever he may be called in history, he was known in camps and on the battle-field under the nickname of Old Blood-and-Thunder.
  • Even the fact that he went by the nickname of "the circus boy" at school got into the story, and it was likewise told how he had made a high mark in gymnastics.
  • He had the red moustache which inevitably leads to the nickname of "Ginger," or possibly "Carrots," and he was smoking a cigarette.
  • It was she who by her full figure and glowing freshness had won for herself in earlier days the nickname of "the beautiful Norman," which her eldest daughter had inherited.
  • Horse Cheese Not made of mare's milk, but the nickname for Caciocavallo because of the horse's head used to trademark the first edition of it.
  • The nickname of an Albanian chevalier-brigand, Moussa, who rebelled against the Sultan, 108 Keys.
  • Whoever had a well-filled purse had a free choice, if it so pleased him, but woe to him who set about it empty handed, for the nickname wherewith his mocking neighbours had christened him, stuck to him pitilessly.
  • I had seen also the old cab-driver who bore the nickname "Doughy," but it turned out that it had not been his cab which my mysterious protectress had taken after parting from me.
  • He said he thought the nickname was a good one; in the first place it meant a poetic summer evening; and in the second place it looked like the masculine gender for Eve.
  • But the man who had earned the nickname of "Bully" was no respecter of sex, and, recovering himself, he seized the girl by the throat and shook her viciously.
  • This cartoon, coming just at the time the name of the state was under consideration, fastened upon it the nickname of "Gopher," which it has ever since retained.
  • The British have the nickname of "a nation of shopkeepers" fastened on them; yet they were and are the greatest benefactors of the human race, carrying the blessings of civilization to half the peoples of the globe.
  • The boy had grown more serious, more serious than he already was, now that he had discussed it calmly with Frans van Naghel and told him that he had asked his father about it and that the nickname was a pure slander.
  • He was apprenticed to a goldsmith currently named Francia, and from him probably he got the nickname whereby he is generally known; he moreover studied design under Marco Zoppo.
  • Originally a contractor, he had "discovered" a sarsaparilla, advertised it on an extensive scale, acquired a fortune and the nickname of "Sarsaparilla" Townsend.
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