The Observation In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Observation | The Observation Sentence

  • Give the observation.
  • The observation escaped me unawares.
  • The attorney ignored the observation.
  • The observation bore fruit.
  • The observation escaped me unawares.
  • Lucy endorsed the observation with enthusiasm.
  • It begins with the observation of the conspicuous facts.
  • The observation had a sobering effect upon the fisherman.
  • In the observation room a technician touched a switch.
  • What exception, as given in the observation?
  • The others who chanced to overhear the observation laughed.
  • Make a note of the observation, and also of the time.
  • Captain Arrows smiled assent to the observation.
  • The observation gave Mascola comfort.
  • Remarkable items: the observation of Mons.
  • Possibly Mother Gapp feared the observation of carpenters.
  • The observation was repeated by the dame to Mr Groocock.
  • We'll use the observation basket.
  • There were always the observation-balloons against the evening sky.
  • The observation served only to remind her of their unpleasant meeting.
  • He'd probably resent the observation.
  • But he said nothing and strolled out to the observation car.
  • I believe the observation of this rule has paid for the shed.
  • But the observation would be one of great difficulty and delicacy.
  • Then there was the general dormitory, and the observation igloo.
  • Much of the safety of the mother depends upon the observation of cleanliness.
  • What an anomaly does the observation of the conduct of the world present to us!
  • Inez made no reply to the observation, but went on with her occupation.
  • Her eyes cast a pleading glance in the direction of the observation tubes.
  • The observation did not interest me, but simply ran in my head.
  • But he suppressed the observation, as he felt it would be painful to his son.
  • Two degrees and fifteen minutes south, the observation gave them.

How To Use The Observation In A Sentence?

  • Oaths of fearful length and stringency were taken to the observation of the statutes.
  • A triple condenser facilitates the observation of the axial lines in the microscope.
  • The observation of the following day showed decisively that it was the planet sought.
  • After breakfast he found a seat in the observation car and settled himself to read.
  • Many of these have been the chance acquaintances of the smoker and the observation car en route.
  • The observation of rain-gauges and hygrometers at the same three descriptions of locality.
  • The observation of the temperature and the pulse have shown loss of vital energy.
  • If it is asked, how is more skill acquired by the observation of greater numbers?
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