The Obvious In A Sentence

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  • Braden was doing the obvious.
  • I am only doing the obvious.
  • It was the obvious plan.
  • But he recalled himself from the obvious.
  • This seems to be the obvious.
  • They want the obvious.
  • A student of the obvious.
  • The obvious is too often overlooked.
  • Why not accept the obvious fact?
  • Sleep was therefore the obvious thing.
  • Calhoun did not ask the obvious question.
  • Why should the obvious be so often discovered?
  • The obvious thing about him is his cleverness.
  • He sifted the actual from the obvious.
  • He smelt the obvious rat.
  • Of course you know the obvious answer.
  • The result of this consideration was the obvious one.
  • The obvious thing was to ask him to go with them.
  • Then his mind jumped to the obvious conclusion.
  • It rests with us to disprove the obvious.
  • I am sure he saw the obvious inference.
  • Sally forebore to make the obvious retort.
  • Again he made no comment on the obvious lie.
  • The obvious thing was not clear to him yet.
  • The obvious explanation is the lack of experience.
  • I always doubt the obvious in these cases.
  • It was not necessary to complete the obvious question.
  • Now mark the obvious result of such a training.
  • She would not even comment on the obvious alternative.
  • Manlike, he refrains from the obvious return.
  • The obvious next step is you give the tickler a heart.
  • The obvious moral is, never disregard the improbable.
  • The gulf of air told no story except the obvious one.
  • The obvious lessons are:- 1.
  • It sees but the immediate, the obvious, the superficial.

How To Use The Obvious In A Sentence?

  • He pointed out the obvious to Raf.
  • And, of course, the obvious thing happened.
  • On the obvious thought, see 2, 52 foll.
  • Francis Thompson was great enough to do the obvious thing.
  • Was the obvious absurdity of Soane finally exploded?

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