The Older In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Older | The Older Sentence

  • It was the older woman again.
  • Certainly not we of the older generation.
  • The older the better.
  • Fox being by some years the older.
  • They were the older members of the family.
  • The older girl had followed her out.
  • The older girl nodded.
  • Fragments of the older are found in the newer.
  • The older man smiled.
  • The older girl shouted again.
  • The older girl hesitated.
  • The older man stopped again.
  • The older woman was speaking.
  • The older woman smiled at her.
  • The older hand stirred.
  • The older man nodded.
  • She turned again to the older woman.
  • Understanding this the older woman spoke.
  • The older girl laughed.
  • The older cub was puzzled.
  • The older man smiled too.
  • The verse is for the older children.
  • Most of the older men counseled against it.
  • Which is probably the older version?
  • The older women were going.
  • The older girl was not disconcerted.
  • The older boarders were in bed.
  • It has a list of some of the older works.
  • The hemp was hackled by the older slaves.
  • The older guests were already gone.
  • But he faced the older man steadily.
  • The older man was surprised enough.
  • The older children go out to school.
  • Only the older individuals speak the language.
  • The older man broke the silence.

How To Use The Older In A Sentence?

  • For the moment she seemed the older of the two.
  • The older boy attracted her still more.
  • They belong to the older class of basketry.
  • The best of the older men were too few for the storm.
  • A chuckle came from the older man.
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