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  • Before the beginning of the operations.
  • The operations were successful.
  • The operations of this decree have been peculiar.
  • Did it mean the operations had been abandoned?
  • In nature the operations are not simple at all.
  • The operations were in the hands of competent men.
  • Then came the most difficult part of the operations.
  • At sea the operations were also spasmodic.
  • It attempts to explain the operations of nature.
  • No one was any longer encouraged to watch the operations.
  • Let us now revert to the operations against Abyssinia.
  • Describe the operations against New Orleans.
  • A Treatise of the Operations of Fractures.
  • The operations were characterized with remarkable precision.
  • The Operations of the First of September XV.
  • They have directed the operations of organized bands of criminals.
  • There was a speculative tinge in the operations of this landed aristocracy.
  • Within a few weeks all were to take part in the operations of war.
  • They attributed all natural phenomena to the operations of spirits or gods.
  • For the operations of volumetric analysis by liquids this is still done.
  • When the operations were over, the family returned to the house.
  • The capture of these stockades began and ended the operations on that day.
  • The operations of the men-sorcerers are less spontaneous and more scientific.
  • The town watched the operations with alternate scorn and interest.
  • The plant in which the operations are conducted varies in different countries.
  • To watch the operations of the big fire gives him constant pleasure.
  • From where she sat at the foot of the table, she directed the operations.
  • Though the operations were petty, an untiring vigilance was imperative.

How To Use The Operations In A Sentence?

  • The commander to whom the conduct of the operations had been entrusted reviewed the situation.
  • The operations of the mind which are essential to its progress are touched upon.
  • The first preoccupation of the corsair was to inform himself as to the conduct of the operations.
  • The vast importance of the operations of these intermediate organs is unquestioned.
  • Am in position to keep informed as to developments and the operations of a pool.
  • Of the magnitude of the operations carried on by these great corporations we now have some idea.
  • Everywhere an energetic officer of the various departments directing the operations.
  • The attack on the forts was maintained while the operations of the mine-sweepers continued.
  • These sensations furnish the means for an exhaustive analysis of the operations of the voice.
  • There is no stage of progress at which the operations of the voice radically change in character.
  • The operations are described today in a dispatch from an official observer at the front.
  • Philip was a delightful artist, but the operations of dressing were not to be trifled with.
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