The Opinion In A Sentence

How To Use The Opinion In A Sentence?

  • This was the opinion of the easily terrified Opposition.
  • This is also the opinion expressed by Newport.
  • The opinion of Maimonides was widely different.
  • And this has been the opinion of many European scholars.
  • That was so, according to the opinion of Siwash.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Opinion | The Opinion Sentence

  • What is the opinion here?
  • Even this is the opinion of the wise.
  • Heed not the opinion of the world.
  • The opinion now is that it is all one.
  • What was the opinion of this butterfly to me?
  • What is the opinion of some on this subject?
  • He was of the opinion that the fever was about over.
  • I do not share in the opinion of your favourite.
  • The opinion was not a nice opinion.
  • But this was not the opinion of an independent judiciary.
  • And now the opinion of the school was divided.
  • What is the opinion of such men worth?
  • What is the opinion to-day about it?
  • The opinion of fellow students.
  • Such at least is the opinion of the people of that country.
  • So the father asked the opinion of others.
  • But the opinion on the other side was quite as firm.
  • I have laughed at the opinion the world has held of me.
  • It is the opinion men have concerning such things.
  • In the opinion of the world involution is depth.
  • A glance at his library confirms the opinion.
  • The opinion on this last point was unanimous.
  • Such was the opinion of the tenants one flight down.
  • Ask the opinion of the occupants of these new houses.
  • That certainly appears to be the opinion of mankind.
  • They formed the opinion that a strike could raise wages.
  • He rather wanted the opinion of another man on the subject.
  • The person giving the opinion must be free from fear.
  • This is the opinion of Hartland.
  • I am of the opinion that Tolliver himself caused it.
  • So much for the opinion of Nippon.
  • This is the opinion of the majority of Englishmen.
  • The opinion taken by Mons.
  • This, he said, was also the opinion of the mother.
  • I believe the opinion of Mons.
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