The Orchestra In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Orchestra | The Orchestra Sentence

  • But here is the orchestra.
  • Is it the orchestra which is the hero?
  • They do not mind the orchestra.
  • The orchestra resumed its labours.
  • Listen to the orchestra! .
  • The orchestra finished the melody.
  • I took a seat in the orchestra.
  • The orchestra gave the signal.
  • Why did the orchestra hurry with its harmonies?
  • The members of the orchestra were astounded.
  • Do you hear the tremolo in the orchestra?
  • But the leader of the orchestra had a further surprise.
  • The orchestra consists of three priests.
  • At that moment the orchestra struck up a waltz.
  • Three guitars and a guitarron formed the orchestra.
  • The orchestra began to tune their instruments.
  • The orchestra had become frankly canaille.
  • The orchestra boils over in a cadence and stops.
  • Sentiment is not supposed to exist in the orchestra seats.
  • But the orchestra gave the signal for a quadrille.
  • She was humming gaily in time with the orchestra.
  • At last the orchestra itself could scarcely be heard.
  • The musicians of the orchestra at last took their places.
  • The curse motive sounds gloomily through the orchestra.
  • The orchestra would attract attention anywhere.
  • The orchestra, really intoxicated, could not have gone on.
  • Down among the orchestra people sat a pale, sad man.
  • The boxes, the orchestra, the pit, were overflowing.
  • Now, out in front, I heard the orchestra playing.
  • The French style reigned in the orchestra at Hanover.
  • Before the orchestra there are some commodious inclosed seats or stalls.
  • During the operation the orchestra poured in their old chorus.
  • You can feel the thrill of it run through the orchestra chairs.
  • Whence the detail that one side of the orchestra is unoccupied?
  • Suddenly cries at once plaintive and angry arose from the orchestra.

How To Use The Orchestra In A Sentence?

  • The orchestra played their tone-poem faultlessly as to notes.
  • The orchestra was again challenged with shouts the stormiest for the new glee.
  • He has had trouble with the orchestra, but that was quickly remedied.
  • The artillerymen then became silent and the orchestra tore into the prelude.
  • The curtain was held and the orchestra played its third overture.
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