The Parade In A Sentence

How To Use The Parade In A Sentence?

  • We had time to visit the unequalled aquarium and to do the parade before dinner.
  • The whole town is curious to know what is in the parade and rushes out to behold.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Parade | The Parade Sentence

  • Now came the parade.
  • That is when we go in the parade.
  • That was the end of the parade.
  • The parade was dismissed.
  • The parade before the palace had commenced.
  • Artillery was rumbling over the parade ground.
  • They had a school there on the parade grounds.
  • Do you know the purpose of the parade?
  • There goes the parade drum.
  • He spurred on across the parade.
  • They rise and hurry to the parade.
  • The parade fulfilled its function admirably.
  • The parade was indeed a pretty sight.
  • The parade had come to a useless halt.
  • Real estate joined the parade of advance.
  • They were at the upper end of the parade at the moment.
  • Moslem troops also took part in the parade.
  • The outer walk is wide, and so is the parade.
  • We went together across the parade in the growing dusk.
  • The circus line had been formed, and the parade began.
  • And as soon as the parade is over, come home to lunch.
  • But then the Parade is such a modest little affair.
  • Last night I went down to the parade to smoke.
  • She managed to lead the crowd to the foot of the Parade.
  • Pistol in hand Wargrave had raced across the parade ground.
  • The fall of the river, heard from the Parade.
  • The Bishop was given a dusting, and the parade proceeded.
  • Mrs. Purdie screamed, pointing across the parade-ground.
  • So without Edward Green the parade was formed.
  • It is a big one, I guess, and the Parade was fine.
  • And the man was my friend of the Parade, Jack Curtice.
  • The parade is over.
  • Great was the parade and great the rejoicing on this occasion.
  • At about ten o'clock the parade began.
  • The call to form and march on to the parade ground was sounding.
  • The parade-ground was deserted except for the scurrying jackals.
  • As far as the parade went, it wasn't so much.
  • It was early moonlight, and the parade ground was empty and ghostly.
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