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How To Use The Parliament In A Sentence?

  • The wisdom of the nation is very reasonably supposed to reside in the parliament.
  • Time was needed to close the springs of corruption and to bring reform to the parliament itself.
  • He immediately applied to the parliament of that place, who ordered his discharge.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Parliament | The Parliament Sentence

  • And here we enjoyed the parliament of free talk.
  • The parliament refused to register the new taxes.
  • It was for the Parliament to say.
  • He appeared the moment the Parliament was dissolved.
  • My first parliament was the parliament of the Suffragettes.
  • The parliament soldiers are gone to the King!
  • The parliament is absolutely powerless in Austria.
  • The good-humour of the Parliament was not restored by this.
  • The parliament is exiled to Troyes this morning.
  • The parliament soldiers Are gone to the king.
  • This morning, the parliament is exiled to Troyes.
  • He ruled the army, which ruled the Parliament.
  • On the 11th of March 1768, the parliament was dissolved.
  • The Parliament was never embarrassed, beyond recovery.
  • It was the Parliament House.
  • The Parliament Building is not at all grand.
  • It fought for the Parliament against the Royalists.
  • You see I am in the service of the Parliament.
  • I afterwards find that it is the Parliament House.
  • The Parliament of Paris supported the princes.
  • In the Parliament of man, the Federation of the world.
  • In return, the King dissolved the Parliament.
  • The Parliament Sets Out.
  • It was seized by the Parliament during the Great Rebellion.
  • The parliament declared Edward IV.
  • The parliament deposed Henry VI.
  • Yet the parliament sat in judgment on its king, Edward II.
  • Those on which the parliament ordered it, are not expressed.
  • I saw a demonstration of women down toward the parliament buildings.
  • He had both the parliament and the Southern militarists to contend with.
  • She is ideally, if not actually, the parliament of the believing world.
  • He replied that it contained the remonstrance from the Parliament.
  • The reforms which the Parliament desired were reasonable and just.
  • It is now a question, if you and the Parliament will look at it.
  • The parliament were received yesterday very harshly by the King.
  • A bill of attainder was hastily passed by the Parliament he had ruled.
  • The Parliament determined to go in a body and demand this of the queen.
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