The Person In A Sentence

How To Use The Person In A Sentence?

  • He gave some directions to the person who attended him.
  • The person you call ...
  • Much depends on the condition of the person who buys.
  • The person so addressed bowed himself to the earth.
  • With the person that works in the open air?

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Person | The Person Sentence

  • Vermin on the person.
  • The person is still here!
  • Blessed is the person who has nothing to do.
  • So much for the person.
  • I was the person who should have helped her in.
  • Liberty of the person is inviolable.
  • They did not name the person.
  • You were the person to draw it.
  • There was no mistaking the person.
  • Was the person you took for me just the same as me?
  • It was the person who had opened the door.
  • The person is a young gentleman.
  • But is this continuation of the person possible?
  • But to the person concerned it was very painful.
  • The first property is the person.
  • And the person most conscious of this was the duke himself.
  • Man or woman the person was crazy.
  • Then the person came to my door.
  • Hendry was the person whom he took into his confidence.
  • What purpose had the person in using it?
  • The person to whom it was addressed is unknown.
  • The person doubtless does not suit you?
  • I had never seen the person before.
  • Look the person to whom you speak in the eye.
  • It was almost as if the person was on horseback.
  • I did not see the person because it was too dark.
  • It is the person and function of the speaker himself.
  • But the name glorified the person.
  • Does not the voice answer for the person?
  • The very nature of the person is their overcoming.
  • With some impatience he called to the person to enter.
  • Behind the form you feel the person loved.
  • The person then staggers about and is said to be drunk.
  • She went so far as to name the person.
  • Dan, did you recognize the person?
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