The Pier In A Sentence

How To Use The Pier In A Sentence?

  • At the inner end of the pier was a white-washed shed.
  • Our last night at the pier was a night of a million stars.
  • At 12.35 she torpedoed her as she lay alongside the pier.
  • Unchallenged, the boats rubbed alongside the pier.
  • But now I am off for the pier.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Pier | The Pier Sentence

  • Wade was at the pier.
  • Is she coming to the pier?
  • He drives to the pier.
  • She was on to the pier in no time.
  • Adam took a turn on the pier.
  • Soon it had passed the end of the pier.
  • Why there, and not at the pier?
  • Immediately after passing the breach in the pier.
  • And have you seen the pier-glass?
  • She left before we went on the pier.
  • They were rapidly approaching the pier.
  • Everywhere about the end of the pier is bustle.
  • Wilson found himself almost alone on the pier.
  • I proceeded down the pier and on to the ferry-boat.
  • I walked down to the pier in a brown study.
  • Another snaked from the pier to be caught amidships.
  • He knows the steamer and the pier number.
  • Mike nodded and hurried up the pier to his shack.
  • The pier is ridiculously insufficient for the purpose.
  • I again joined the committee at the head of the pier.
  • In spite of this the pier-head is crowded.
  • Her reflection in the pier glass was superb!
  • There was a little white steamboat at the pier.
  • The soldiers on the pier were all gentlemen of the county.
  • The pier was even more interesting than the promenade.
  • I shall miss the pier and the barnacles.
  • Then at last the boat touched at the pier.
  • Hal went on past the pier a little distance.
  • Now people began to call to friends on the pier.
  • And to this hour that spook is seen upon the pier.
  • She was scarcely seated before the boat left the pier.
  • After all, they tied up at the pier in plain sight.
  • They began a steady walk towards the pier and lighthouse.
  • A pair of gloves is thrown on top of the pier-glass.
  • The man took to his heels and ran towards the pier.
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