The Plate In A Sentence

How To Use The Plate In A Sentence?

  • Simply place knife and fork upon the plate.
  • Then he suddenly stung in one to the man at the plate.
  • She dropped her fork on the plate with a great clatter.
  • Why were the wheel-ruts shown on the plate so black?
  • Also the plate or brisket may be used for a la mode.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Plate | The Plate Sentence

  • The plate was off again.
  • Baumgartner had the plate under the tap again.
  • I then sent for the plate.
  • Off went the plate again.
  • Meanwhile the plate was ready.
  • He handed him the plate.
  • Then place it on the plate of the pump.
  • The plate was solid silver.
  • The plate has long been melted down.
  • He puts the plate down on the table.
  • Head first he went for the plate.
  • She thrust the plate upon him.
  • Virgie cast a troubled gaze into the plate before her.
  • He merely waved the plate aside.
  • Next he placed the wad of paper on the plate.
  • The view taken is of the inside of the plate.
  • Jack turned third and streaked for the plate.
  • Bananas are peeled and eaten from the plate with a fork.
  • The woman hurled the plate straight at him.
  • Pour some water in the plate and leave for development.
  • Elly looked down at the plate she was setting on the table.
  • And the homelier the plate the higher the price.
  • The plate belonging to the church is very valuable.
  • Nasturtium leaves are pretty on the plate to garnish.
  • Where do the drops of water on the plate come from?
  • He was full of confidence when he walked up to the plate.
  • He indicated a mark far back of the plate.
  • Different kinds of food should never be mixed on the plate.
  • If he finds it to his mind he leaves coins in the plate.
  • I took the last sandwich and put down the plate.
  • The upper surface of the plate is polished by use.
  • Cover the plate and let it stand for several minutes.
  • Otherwise the cylinder would touch the center of the plate.
  • These holes are used in fastening the plate to the deck.
  • The little cousin thrusts the plate under my very eyes.
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