The Poet In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Poet | The Poet Sentence

  • Ovid was the poet of pleasure.
  • But you are referring to the poet.
  • The poet retired further and further into him.
  • But the task of the poet is more than this.
  • Mount from the sloth to the poet.
  • There was something of the poet in him too.
  • Burns was the poet of love.
  • Doubtless it was to them that the poet went.
  • The poet chimes in with the prophet.
  • The poet had kept his word.
  • The poet bent his knee.
  • The poet is the greatest patriot.
  • To the poet he was especially insolent.
  • The poet was the first to speak.
  • So that the poet and the philosopher are as one.
  • He is also the poet of individuality.
  • The poet never reprinted it.
  • The poet never reprinted it.
  • Above this in a niche is a bust of the poet.
  • What should the poet do in the theory that we combat?
  • The poet was now in his fiftieth year.
  • The poet glanced hastily about.
  • In the delight of it the poet was born.
  • And is the poet not to mutter even?
  • Matthisson, the poet.
  • The poet is always right.
  • Do you know what the poet meant by this?
  • The finest is that of the soul of the poet.
  • I am the poet of my age and of my race.
  • Doubt of his ideal beset the poet.
  • What would the poet say?
  • These characteristics the poet inherited.
  • The poet waved his hand.
  • He is the poet of the body and soul.
  • She looked at the poet earnestly.

How To Use The Poet In A Sentence?

  • The poet was a dying man.
  • Marescotti had sacrificed the man to the poet.
  • The poet was no technical musician.
  • The poet then indulges himself in an emotional outburst.
  • The poet indeed realized all this before he had finished.
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