The Promise In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Promise | The Promise Sentence

  • Only the promise as yet.
  • The promise is all true.
  • The promise was kept.
  • The promise is twofold.
  • The promise was made.
  • It was a fulfilment of the promise.
  • The promise was redeemed.
  • But what was the price of the promise?
  • She believed the promise.
  • He got the promise of fifty.
  • Does it perform the promise of the others?
  • The promise of it was sweet to his taste.
  • The promise which he exacted was given.
  • The promise in the letter was unfulfilled.
  • The promise was made good.
  • Love is the pledge and the promise of the future.
  • You will make the promise she asks?
  • He gave the promise in all sincerity.
  • So presently the promise was given.
  • The promise has been abundantly fulfilled.
  • The promise of the year was bright.
  • We accepted the promise with pleasure.
  • The promise then held out has been generously fulfilled.
  • Your lips must seal the promise.
  • So he reassured her and gave her the promise she asked.
  • And such a day is the promise of a blissful eternity.
  • Your faith almost staggers at the promise.
  • The 16th day fulfilled the promise.
  • Nevertheless, he remembered the promise.
  • The justification of faith is in the promise of reality.
  • He cursed the promise that kept him at his post.
  • In this stanza the promise of fruit is given.
  • But the promise was productive of no immediate good.
  • The promise was ignored by the incoming ministry.
  • I was from home when the promise was given thee.

How To Use The Promise In A Sentence?

  • But he could not meet the promise of a thrashing.
  • He hoped that the promise would come true.
  • The promise goes, of course.
  • The promise of the primrose dawn passed before noon.
  • The law is terrestrial, but the promise is celestial.
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