The Red In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Red | The Red Sentence

  • The red which is there is dark.
  • The red is their bonnets.
  • It was the red flower!
  • And where is the red man?
  • Especially all the red ones.
  • Myths of the red children.
  • The red and the black.
  • Perhaps it was the red reflection shining up into them!
  • And why was the red stain larger than it had been?
  • Who was the red-haired woman?
  • The red lacquer case.
  • Was that the red alarm of disaster?
  • In the red scarlet clad.
  • Then the red changed to pink.
  • The red came over his face.
  • Behold where the red dawn is breaking!
  • For the red man it is the forest.
  • This was the red flag of anarchy to him.
  • The red had mounted to his forehead.
  • The red in her cheeks had heightened.
  • Strike with the red hot spear!
  • The white and the red were the most ancient.
  • The red sun shot down.
  • The red lights of the forge.
  • The red blood out sprang.
  • The red veil was before his eyes.
  • The red insect is still there.
  • Time is to ride the red ways.
  • Get her on to the subject of the red carnations.
  • As the red jewels at her wrist.
  • The red shawl was on the trail.
  • The red is quite simple.
  • There was the bath with the red lamp over it.
  • I sought the red flower.
  • The red ribbons swirled.

How To Use The Red In A Sentence?

  • He told the red pony.
  • The red went out of the sky.
  • Dash the red rowel in the steed!
  • Not for nothing the red hair.
  • The red in her cheeks deepened.
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