The Reservation In A Sentence

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  • What were we doing on the reservation?
  • I had known them both at the reservation.
  • Life on the reservation was monotonous.
  • Some of the runaways were from the reservation.
  • They were taking the reservation.
  • I rode through the reservation gate.
  • It was from those she had left behind at the reservation.
  • I seen it on the reservation card.
  • It was dark when we entered the reservation.
  • That was left beyond the reservation gate.
  • There was then only one corn-planter on the reservation.
  • The reservation is going to be thrown open.
  • They agreed to go upon the reservation.
  • A town has also grown up outside the reservation.
  • No man is hurried into his grave within the reservation.
  • The reservation fairly subsisted on melons that fall.
  • The reservation proposed would perpetuate the old order.
  • I explained that I had filed on a claim on the reservation.
  • This helped to make the reservation Indians ill content.
  • The Indian of the Reservation.
  • And the rooster was the first of his kind to settle on the reservation.
  • Natzie and others might well have seen it at the reservation.
  • I wouldn't be held up on the reservation now for anything.
  • The reservation was reduced to a little more than fifteen hundred acres.
  • We're fired off the reservation, is all.
  • Here is the agency, the central spot of the reservation-life.
  • Leaving the reservation, they came upon the line of the railway.
  • They were coming closer to the reservation fence, running from danger.
  • They carried word to the soldiers, and asked to be sent to the reservation.
  • The reservation was in sight, though it lay several miles distant.

How To Use The Reservation In A Sentence?

  • Even in these he read the existence of the reservation he was loth to acknowledge.
  • Many of them preferred living in their hunting grounds instead of upon the reservation.
  • They received word that the soldiers were stopping everybody from leaving the reservation.
  • A squaw from the reservation crouched on the curb beside her display of pottery.
  • He was very anxious to get his people into the reservation before more killings took place.
  • On the south and east side of the reservation the crowding and the depredations were continuous.
  • What profound influence has the reservation for schools exerted upon local government?
  • She had visited one of the settlers outside the reservation gate who had a real well.
  • On his claim near the reservation a young man was doing quite a bit of experimenting.
  • They never drew rein until they were one hundred and twenty miles from the reservation.
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