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  • The resulting unveracity was fundamental.
  • Grind the resulting mass into an amorphous powder.
  • The resulting effect was bare but beautiful.
  • The resulting compounds are known as aldehydes.
  • Soldiers were needed to quell the resulting riot.
  • The resulting home ranges were polygonal figures.
  • The resulting conglomerate mass is cut up for working.
  • The resulting colour of the rubber is quite good.
  • But the resulting verdure was enough to attract the birds.
  • The resulting signal was fed to an amplifier stage.
  • The resulting matte runs 25%.
  • The resulting current, therefore, may be very large.
  • What then was the resulting position of the country he loved?
  • The resulting improved operations are then ready to be timed.
  • The resulting calcium chloride and chlorate are both very soluble.
  • The resulting alcohol is separated by fractional distillation.
  • The resulting hydrogen flame is almost colorless and is very hot.
  • Plant a fresh tube of wort from the resulting growth and incubate.
  • The resulting shade was so dense that it was like twilight at the ground level.
  • The resulting growth will almost certainly be a pure culture of the yeast.
  • With the resulting leap of the craft, all the gray went out of me.
  • The resulting compound is known as aniline, a liquid boiling at 182 deg..
  • Who could do it best or How to apportion the resulting goods.
  • In the resulting agitations Jefferson closed his public career without eclat.

How To Use The Resulting In A Sentence?

  • The resulting conditions have no parallel in any epoch of which history has cognizance.
  • There is danger that the resulting view of experience will be somewhat angular and structural.
  • The resulting regularity has an excellent effect upon the physical welfare of the worker.
  • This glucose solution may then be fermented by yeast and the resulting alcohol distilled off.
  • Thus strong rights over the resulting work are not supposed to inhibit future progress.
  • The resulting pain from our having to live in our self-created environment prods us on to improve.
  • Larry could imagine the resulting scene if ever this innocently proposed introduction were given.
  • The rust in cotton and the resulting decrease in yield during the war are laid to lack of potash.
  • Thus salt dissociates when dissolved in water, the resulting solution being an electrolyte.
  • But this tendency, and with it the resulting imaginative creation, can undergo changes.
  • Vice, with the resulting transmissible diseases, ordinarily becomes much more prevalent.
  • The resulting liquid is drunk at the end of ten days, and is sour and vinegar-like.
  • Lump ore alone was fed, and the resulting matte showed a concentration of only 3 into 1.
  • Moreover, the resulting compound gas always bears a simple relation to the combining volumes.
  • The writer is expressed to my vision in every word, and the resulting image so worth preserving.
  • The resulting fire could not be extinguished because the Dresslerville pump was not working.
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