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How To Use The Revenue In A Sentence?

  • Billings returned in a few minutes accompanied by the men from the revenue cutter.
  • His own opinion was, that the recovery of the revenue was totally impossible.
  • It owes them to its maritime commerce and the revenue of its capital invested abroad.
  • The laws relating to foreign commerce prescribe the manner of collecting the revenue.
  • But the smuggler had more wind than the revenue-cutter, and increased her distance.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Revenue | The Revenue Sentence

  • The revenue returns show that.
  • From what sources does the revenue come?
  • The revenue officer was found.
  • There were surgeons there with the revenue fleet.
  • The revenue and expenditure of the territory.
  • The revenue officer listened eagerly.
  • Great evils existed in the revenue system.
  • In a prosperous land the revenue will look after itself.
  • Mascola was to the revenue man only one of many.
  • He has outwitted the revenue officers for some time.
  • Debts accumulated, and the revenue did not increase.
  • I hears one of the revenue men was killed.
  • Most of the revenue was made by the sale of city lots.
  • When there had been a good catch, the revenue profited.
  • Dined aboard the revenue-cutter Hamilton.
  • The revenue-cutter was close to the Head.
  • It forms one-seventh of all the revenue of India.
  • While I defray the Revenue.
  • In 1899, the estimate of the revenue was L4,087,000.
  • I'm not from the revenue department.
  • He has no means of knowing that the revenue officers are after him.
  • What can it be but to encourage frauds on the revenue of other nations?
  • At the same time the revenue from the customs service increased.
  • It seemed that he was one of the agents of the revenue service.
  • However, we notified the revenue cutter and they were rescued.
  • The revenue men would have found it out long ago if there had been.
  • It limits the resources for this object to no particular branch of the revenue.
  • Then the gunner of the revenue cutter began to raise his sights.
  • If the revenue is collected, there is no ground for complaint.
  • The greatest loss the nation sustains is the revenue from alcohol.
  • Are the revenue agents obeyin' the law?
  • Part of the revenue thus obtained is expended in the purchase of cheese.
  • It would occasion a loss to the revenue of fifty per cent.
  • The revenue people came up, and he was one of those who were caught.
  • He will be economical, he will make the expenditures balance with the revenue.
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