The Scenes In A Sentence

How To Use The Scenes In A Sentence?

  • Gentlemen, the scenes of this world change.
  • I have seen the drama enacted behind the scenes.
  • The scenes are lively, with human figures in both.
  • There was trouble, too, behind the scenes.
  • The scenes are Palestinian.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Scenes | The Scenes Sentence

  • Some of the scenes are more than ludicrous.
  • Can you design the scenes?
  • I was behind the scenes.
  • Chorus behind the scenes.
  • I had never been behind the scenes.
  • Between acts he was behind the scenes.
  • Behind the scenes there was a trifle of delay.
  • I filmed the scenes as they presented themselves.
  • I continued to film the scenes.
  • Behind the scenes all was joyful confusion.
  • I cannot tell you how terrible the scenes were.
  • Many of the scenes are admirably rendered.
  • By the work behind the scenes.
  • His story of the scenes there was horrible.
  • Charite did not forget me in the scenes of rejoicing.
  • The scenes are grand and lively.
  • We found ourselves presently behind the scenes.
  • The scenes are apt to be rather melodramatic.
  • This is about the time they begin to make the scenes.
  • There are still the grooves for the scenes to slide in.
  • Some of the scenes included a few of our men in possession.
  • Well, the scenes had to be obtained.
  • The public had been admitted behind the scenes.
  • He went back to the scenes of his first triumph.
  • Life behind the scenes is stripped bare of all its glamor.
  • Oh, visiting the scenes of my childhood.
  • Indeed, it was seeing behind the scenes.
  • The scenes within that zone of terror were indescribable.
  • I filmed the scenes from various points of view.
  • Are you never going to visit the scenes of your youth?
  • He wondered at the scenes in a detached sort of way.
  • The scenes that meet the eye intensify these impressions.
  • I knew nothing then of the life behind the scenes.
  • He found his mind reverting to the scenes of his childhood.
  • The scenes of the previous evening filled him with horror.
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